How To Help Someone Having A Panic Attack: Help Someone Anxiety Disorder

I'd like to show you a technique I created to help you manage your anxiety and control panic attacks. It only takes a few minutes to do, and the results can be spectacular.

Control Panic Attacks With a Present/Future Comparison

This idea is based on taking a look at the person you are now (the anxiety you) and comparing it to the person you would be if your anxiety was gone (the future, anxiety-free you).

When you do this exercise correctly it gives you a complete map on how to arrive at that future you, who is free from anxiety.

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So first of all, the present you.

Take a blank piece of paper and write down the kind of person your anxiety makes you.

Write down what you like and what you don't like. Write down what your anxiety stops you from doing. Write down the problems it causes you. Write down why you can't control panic attacks.

Now take a fresh piece of paper.

On this one, write down the imaginary "future you" who no longer has anxiety. How is that person different? How do you act? How do you feel? What do you do differently throughout the day?

List every difference you can think of.

Here's the cool part. Now that you have a list of how a calm, anxiety free you would be, you can start working towards that new you right now.

Our powers of imagination are very powerful. Most of what you imagined about that future you will be accurate, so have some trust in it, and start working towards it.

Keep both pieces of paper. From time to time, take a look at each of them and compare the way you are today with the way you would be in a future where you can control panic attacks.

And constantly be on the lookout for ways you can be more like that future you.

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Anxiety attacks (sometimes also called panic attacks) can happen anytime, anywhere, and sometimes without any warning. Because of this the symptoms that you experience can be very, very frightening. And once having suffered one attack, the fear and dread of having another raises your anxiety levels even further, resulting in even more attacks.

The medical profession usually prescribes drugs to help control your general anxiety and associated anxiety attacks. Now whilst these can work for many people (but certainly not all) they can have some serious side effects, including dependency issues. And, they only address the symptoms, so that once you're off them there's no guarantee that your anxiety attacks won't return.

Here are 3 tips to help you stop your anxiety attacks without medication...

1. Bear in mind that anxiety or panic attacks cannot harm you, and although you may feel as though you're about to die during one, you aren't. It is a medical fact that panic attacks cannot do you any harm.

2. At the first sign of an attack consciously remember the above, then start to regularise your breathing which, during an attack, is short and rapid. Breath slowly, regularly and deeply, in through the nose, then out the mouth. Re-breathing into a paper bag can also help a great deal in re-balancing your oxygen / carbon dioxide ratio.

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3. Stop thinking about your symptoms, rather, focus externally on physical things around you. Focus on people, buildings, trees, cars; anything but your symptoms. Look at colors, details, etc. Also, if you're with someone, tell them what is happening, but that you know it's an anxiety attack, and, you know for sure that you aren't in any danger; you'll come to no harm.

These are three very simple techniques to help you stop your anxiety attacks, or at the very least to shorten their length and intensity. And over time you'll see that you are able to decrease these two elements even further.

Now these tips can certainly help you at the onset of an attack and during one, but in order to stop or prevent anxiety attacks all together, you need to address one very critical issue, and that is your ongoing fear, or dread, of having another attack. You see this fear (unconscious or conscious) can actually trigger an attack itself because it builds on your already high anxiety levels. You're in a vicious anxiety cycle.

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To fully understand how you can help cure your anxiety attacks naturally, without the use of drug-based medications with their horrible side effects, it's valuable to understand how they are caused in the first place...

Anxiety attacks usually happen when your general anxiety levels are very high (for you) and these are raised even higher by a stressful event. This can raise them to such a level that your body's defence mechanism reads this as a sign that you are in some danger (which you aren't). This triggers chemical changes in your body to enable you to fight or run away more effectively; your body's 'fight or flight' response.

The anxiety attack symptoms you then experience are just the outcome of the major changes that occurred during the flight or flight response being triggered. Typical symptoms are; trembling, chest tightness, sweating, racing heart, hyperventilation, tingling extremities, dizziness, a detached from reality sensation, choking sensation, nausea, fear of dying, etc.

The important thing to take out of this is that anxiety attack symptoms aren't what they seem to you at the time. They are just the result of your body making the wrong call; it thought you were in danger but you weren't, you were just very anxious or stressed. So, in reality, an anxiety attack cannot harm you.

Here are 3 easy ways to cure anxiety attacks naturally...

1. At the onset of an attack, be positive. Repeat that you know what is happening to you, and that you know that this will pass without causing you any damage. This is a very important first step because, remember, we are dealing with an emotional issue, not a physical one.

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2. Because you're usually hyperventilating during an attack, which makes things even worse, you need to get your breathing back to normal as quickly as possible. Breath slowly, regularly and deeply, especially using your diaphragm as well as your chest, to ensure you are filling up and emptying the whole lung not just the top as happens when you breath using just your chest cavity.

3. Now this tip is really important. You mustn't concentrate on what is happening to you and the individual symptoms you feel. This is a vicious cycle, because by doing this you are becoming more and more fearful of each symptom and this only increases the intensity and length of the attack. Focus on physical things around you, and I mean really focus hard.

These 3 natural ways to cure anxiety attacks are very important in controlling and managing an attack, but what do you do in between attacks to help prevent them in the future?

The most important aspect of having general anxiety and suffering anxiety attacks is that the attacks are just so terrifying that you carry that real fear, either consciously or subconsciously, around with you. It is always there. But all this does is add to your already elevated general anxiety which, as we've seen above, can trigger an attack; yes your fear of an attack can actually trigger one!

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There certainly is more than one cause of panic attacks. However, there is one main theme that is behind all panic attack disorders. Sometimes this underlying theme is unavoidable and when it comes into a person's life all he or she can do is get on with working toward the cure. Still, though it may be disappointing to many, there is one thing that is probably behind far more anxiety and panic disorder than anything else.

Why there is More Panic Today

When compared to the past; we're talking about 50 years ago or so, panic disorder is far more common today. In fact, anxiety and panic have become almost an epidemic. Yes, certainly there were a lot of cases of anxiety and panic throughout history. Also, if you trace history back a couple of hundred years; who knows how prevalent panic was.

Unprovoked Adrenaline

A panic attack cannot occur unless adrenaline is shooting through the panic victim's veins. Adrenaline will shoot through a person's veins for no, or very little, reason when a person's nerves have become very sensitized.

A person's nerves can become very sensitized for several reasons. This person could be going through a stressful period of life such as; he or she just lost a loved one or perhaps is going through a divorce. There are many other reasons a person can become on edge or very upset. However, when adrenaline shoots uncontrollably through the veins for no apparent reason, it means a panic attack is brewing.

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Marijuana Use

Marijuana use can sensitize the nerves of average people. In other words, it will cause adrenaline to shoot through the bloodstream without the person having a worldly reason to be nervous. While marijuana is being used, this can happen many times.

The problem is when this is happening it is developing habitual patterns inside this person's psyche. This means, when the person is no longer using marijuana, or is not high, adrenaline may start shooting through the bloodstream uncontrollably when nothing has provoked it to do so. This may very well bring on a panic attack.

The point to be made here is the fact panic disorder syndrome has increased proportionately as an increase in use of marijuana has occurred in the past few decades. I realize many people don't want to hear this, but it is a fact. Some people tolerate the usage of marijuana and others don't.

Once a person starts suffering from panic, it is not the end of the world. Panic attacks have been, and are being cured, all the time. If the sufferer is willing to follow a plan of attack to cure panic, this person will probably be able to overcome them. But if one is looking to never have to deal with panic at all, it would be a good idea not to use marijuana. This way he or she will greatly cut down the chances of his or her nerves becoming sensitized and therefore may never have a panic attack.

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