Do you want to face your fears so you can combat anxiety and improve your life? How to face your fears, so you can reduce anxiety and live your dreams?

Most fears develop in childhood and adolescence and they rarely happen. Fears often keep people in their comfort zone. Therefore, instead of facing their fears and overcoming anxiety, people often stay in their comfort zone and live with anxiety since avoiding their fears gives them a false sense of security.

Instead of staying in your comfort zone and letting fears win, begin to face your fears. The more you face your fears, the more you become confident. The more you become confident, the more you reduce anxiety. Most often you will find what you worried about wasn’t that bad at all or the way you had imagined in your mind.

For example, whenever I encounter a problem in my life or fear something, I have made it a habit to face my fear instead of worrying about it. When I confront my fears, worry diminishes and I go on living my life with having peace of mind.

Benefits of facing your fears

Reduced anxiety and worry
Increased confidence
Peace of mind
Increased productivity
Facing your fears

If your goal is to learn how to face your fears, so you can combat anxiety, then follow the quick guide below:

1. Know your fear

To be able to face your fears, first you have to know what kind of fear you have. Is your fear within or outside of your control? If your fear is outside your control like fear of death, then you should start by learning how to accept it. If your fear is within your control on the other hand and most fears are, you then can start to analyze your fears and make plans to overcome them.

2. Start taking small steps

Choose a fear that has been causing you worry and excessive anxiety and start taking small steps to confront your fear. It is always better to know the truth and the reality instead of staying worrying and this happens only by facing your fears. Once you start taking the first steps, you will begin to realize that your fear is not bad as you thought it was.

3. Use prayer

Pray to God and he will answer. God will grant you peace of mind when you trust him, have faith in him, and ask him for help. As research shows, praying is one of the best ways to help you overcome your fears and overcome anxiety.

Finally, facing your fears not only will help you combat and calm your anxiety, but it will also improve your life and live your dreams.

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Dia Thabet

Have you ever wondered why some people are happy and have peace of mind while others keep worrying? Why do some people’s life filled with worry while others filled with happiness and peace of mind? My e-book How to overcome worry answers those questions and teaches you the scientific ways to control and overcome worry and have peace of mind.