Correct sleep habits and an effective morning routine can help you wake up feeling energized and ready for the day. Follow these tips and techniques to start your day off right.
Start a new day
We've all had one of those days: groggy all morning, apathetic at lunch, and cranky all afternoon. Learn one reason your brain is confused and cranky: sleep, insufficient hours, and shoddy. It would be great if morning and sleep routines were only important during childhood, but adults can also benefit from early morning planning.
If you don't jump out of bed with energy every morning, these helpful techniques will help you pound your to-do list.
Quantity counts: The foundation of a good morning begins with the right amount of sleep. Even adults need 7 to 9 hours (yes, that's right) of quality sleep, so be sure to go to sleep at an appropriate time the night before.
Feel the rhythm: Quantity is important, but schedule also matters. Your body and brain work best by setting a time to wake up to keep your biological rhythms in sync. 1 Don't change your waking time too much, as it can deviate your system from its natural routine.
Nighttime recharge: If you think you can skimp on a few nights' sleep and make up for it later with a relaxing day, you're wrong. Recharge your sleep batteries every night to be ready to face the day.
Alarm repeats are negative: Turning your car on and off isn't the best way to warm it up in the morning, and it's not good for your brain, either. If you press the snooze function to rest another 5 minutes, you will only be more stunned when you wake up the second (or third) time.

Good morning sunlight: If possible, wake up with natural sunlight coming through your window. If not possible, at a minimum, turn on the interior lights (and no, the brightness of your cell phone screen is not enough). Research suggests that morning light can help you wake up more naturally and quickly.

Get started: And not just to check your email skip tech gadgets if you can. Instead, you can take a morning walk to start the day off right. Sleeping well and exercising go hand in hand: moving your body will help you wake up in the morning and sleep better at night.
Break Your Fast: You've gone all night without eating and some of the latest research still shows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day to stay healthy and fit. 4 Prepare your breakfast the night before so it's ready.

Get Motivated: If the day seems overwhelming, set aside a few minutes to motivate yourself. It can be meditation or prayer, or a little yoga ... you decide! Focusing on your mental well-being for ten minutes can help you with stress and anxiety for the next ten hours.

Get in full: Once you're ready to dive into the day, tackle the toughest tasks first. Research shows that your brain is in full swing by mid-morning, making it the best time for tough tasks. 6 Also, if you get rid of heavy tasks, the rest of the day will fly away.

Are you ready to sleep better at night?
Set an alarm today to go to bed. It will only take a few seconds to start your new sleep routine.
Just take out the phone and set an alarm to go to bed. This will tell you when it's time to turn off the television, log out of social media and start to relax.
Make sure the alarm sounds every day so that your body can rest the 7-9 hours it needs.
Wake up well tomorrow morning so you can be Healthy For Good and be productive .

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