How To Develop Self Confidence: How To Overcome Public Anxiety

In order to build more confidence, here are some little things you can do to give help you start out. First of all, you never want to think too much about what other people are thinking. Doing this will only make you more self conscious of yourself and add unnecessary pressure to the current moment. Instead, try to be more curious about what the world outside of yourself. When you are more curious, fear turns into anticipation and excitement. Suddenly, you feel like you want to take more action than usual and the issue of confidence or no confidence doesn't become that big of an issue.

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Another thing that works is being more proactive in your daily life. Maybe you're a person who always thinks before they act, which isn't always a bad thing, but next time you're out in a social environment, try being the first one to act. Be the first one to ask a question to your friends or be the first one to compliment on another person. Once you start doing this, you'll begin to feel positive energy circulating through your body that you'll want to do more of the same thing. Action is one of the best ways to gain more confidence because when you're in action, nothing else really matters. Our mind can only focus on doing one thing at a time; you're either a person who is questioning how to be more confident, or your the person who is already in the present moment taking action.

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According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, about 15 million adults suffer from social anxiety disorder. People with this disorder generally can relate well with their family and close friends, however, meeting new people or speaking in public can create intense shyness, self-consciousness, and fear of embarrassment. Learning how to handle anxiety in social settings becomes important if you want to improve your relationships, and become more involved with social activities.

Social anxiety disorder can be described as having a constant worry that you will be negatively evaluated by other people during a social interaction - this can be experienced in the following ways:

1. feel anxious and uneasy about being noticed or judged

2. fear of being humiliated, made to look silly, making a mistake, be blamed or laughed at

3. extreme shyness

4. avoid social activities

5. physical symptoms such as: extreme sweating, dizziness, shaking, nausea, rapid heartbeat


Maintain Eye Contact

Keeping good eye contact can be difficult, but, is an important part of communicating with another person. By looking at a spot either between or slightly above the other persons' eyes & allowing your eyes to go a bit out of focus, this will relax your gaze and still have the benefit of looking directly at the person.

How to Talk More Easily to People

If it is difficult to have a conversation with someone, try to talk while engaged in an activity together, such as when you are shopping, playing a game of chess or monopoly, taking the dog for a walk, or doing yard work. Doing an activity together helps to promote conversation.

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Learn to be Assertive

Being more assertive will not only improve your relationships, you will have less anxiety. To better express what you are thinking or feeling, it helps to begin your sentences with the word "I." Some examples of this could be statements such as:

"I like talking to you"

"I know that your work is important, but, I feel sad that we do not spend more time together"

"I feel ashamed of not going to the wedding with you"

"I like to read romance novels"

How to Make Small Talk

Watch the news, read the newspaper and a few popular magazines. By keeping up with current events, you will feel more comfortable adding your bit of information. If you have a hobby or special interest, learn how to talk about it in a way that will generate interest. People generally enjoy having their curiosity piqued and will probably ask questions that you will have answers to! Telling jokes or funny stories is a good tension reliever, and can open the door for others to share their stories as well.

By experimenting with some of the above four tips, you will be well on your way to learning how to handle anxiety in social settings. Social anxiety can be overcome. By taking baby steps, you can learn to control your anxiety and lead a more fulfilling life.

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The most effective panic disorder treatment is not the standard therapy sessions that many people are referred to. The best thing you can do to treat panic attacks is to learn how to embrace your fear. When you learn to do this it is impossible to feel anxiety as a result of your feelings.

When you want to treat your panic disorder you have to learn to embrace your feelings. Welcome it into your life like something that you want to experience. Be glad about the feelings that you are going to experience... they cannot harm you in the long run... they can only make you stronger.

This panic disorder treatment may seem completely backwards to you at first. Why would you want to invite the thing that terrifies you into your life? If you just welcome the feelings into your life you get used to feeling them. Just be strong and embrace the fear that you are about to feel. This will be very scary at first... but you need to stand your ground and keep an open mind.

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When you finally let the anxiety run through your body you will be able to feel every sensation that anxiety can possibly throw at you. At this point you start to just experience all of the feelings that anxiety brings on... you no longer expend your energy trying to fight your panic. Doing this instantly helps stop the cycle of anxiety that causes panic attacks.

At this point you are just going with the flow and just experiencing your emotions. You are no longer trying to fight your feelings... you are no longer creating any internal conflict. This lack of conflict will help you realize that you are simply experiencing an emotion... an emotion that will never hurt you.

Instead of running away from panic and anxiety you are now ready to be a little uncomfortable and face them head on. This panic disorder treatment will help you instantly deal with the feelings that used to scare you so bad that they caused panic attacks. When you can embrace your fear you can deal with the feelings that the fear causes.

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Sleep panic attacks cause people to get jolted out of a good nights est. It has been proven that panic at night is not caused by bad dreams even though many people believe that is true. Sleep panic attacks happen right before you drift into your deep sleep cycles...they hit you right before you truly drift off to sleep. The best way to stop panic at night is to embrace your fear as soon as you wake up... you must work on stopping your anxiety as soon as you wake up.

Before you go to sleep you need to clear your mind of all of your anxious thoughts.

Be confident that you can effectively deal with sleep panic attacks and you should worry about them less. A lot of people have anxiety right before they start to drift off... and this tends to keep them up through out the night.

When you experience a sleep panic attack you are jerked out of a peaceful state... right before you are about to fall asleep. This is shocking to your system and can cause panic. When you are jerked out of a peaceful state like this you are more likely to experience panic and anxiety.

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When you are scared of having sleep panic attacks you start to expect them every night. This causes waking up to trigger thoughts of panic and anxiety. Once you realize that everyone gets these jolts every once in a while... they are completely normal and they cannot hurt you.

When you wake up experiencing panic the first thing you have to do is to not let your mind stat racing. Realize that it is natural to be startled when you first wake up...and then control your fears and anxiety. The first thing to do is to make sure you are breathing deeply and calmly.

If you catch your breath you automatically start to calm down. Breathe deep and from your stomach... and concentrate on your breathing. When you are stressed out you tend to breathe quickly... and shallow. You have to stop this... then you can stop sleep panic attacks.

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