Coping with the virus by Rosemary Price psychic

Ever since the lock down in the Uk I have had people flocking to me for readings about how they will fare doing the lock down. Unfortunately, I am an honest and realistic psychic and tarot reader so I am not going to promise anyone that they will definitely be free of the virus and have nothing to worry about.

Years ago I had an influx of people coming to me because they wanted to be sure that they would pass their exams and get a good job or find a wonderful man and get him to marry them, give them babies and then stay with them forever, they wanted guarantees from me that it was going to be definite. But none of this allowed for people acting, thinking, doing this or doing that. In many cases I knew that if the woman could get her man to marry her she would then become lazy, stop trying to please him, sometimes show her true colours and be nasty, a bully, demanding, cheating, so of course she might manage to get him in the first place but as soon as she reverted to her real self he would lose interest. Ho could anyone predict whether or not she would revert to her real self? The fact she was so desperate to get him to marry her proves she was intending to become lazier later. Women who are secure and who intend to make their man happy would not need a ring on their finger or piece of paper to hold him.

It is the same with the virus! If you give someone some sort of promise or guarantee they will be fine the silly and irresponsible ones will take this to mean they can go out without a face mask on or invite all of their friends over for coffee and a chat without having to take the usual, necessary, wise precautions they would have taken if they had not relied on the guarantee or promise!

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Rosemary Price tarot and psychic, 40 years of experience