Have any good things come from the virus situation? It is an awful situation and there have been many deaths, upset, worry and chaos caused by it, but perhaps there are one or two good bits that come from it - the silver lining in the clouds.

When this all began I predicted that a lot of couples would realise they were not suited and did not love each other, some would find that their wife or husband wants to end it and be upset, I also predicted that other people would be thrown together and get more bonded and close and end up far more fond of each other.

Perhaps we have learned about patience, perseverance, determination. Perhaps we have slowed down and taken more time to think about things. Perhaps we have leaned to respect and be grateful for our family and those we love and are in contact with. Perhaps we have learned to appreciate a good night out, a holiday and other treats we are unable to have now. Perhaps we have learned to think, find time to fill up each day, perhaps we have learned to take each day as it comes.

Maybe if we are unable to go out whenever we want and spend more time at home we become more relaxed, more at peace, more used to being at home and doing things at home. We may have taken up a new hobby. We may have read that book that we put by ages ago but were too busy rushing around to read.

Maybe we have spent more time being in touch with loved ones where before we were always too busy having a good time and kept making it wait and wait.

Perhaps the one good thing that has come out of this is precisely that.

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