How To Deal With Shyness: How To Stop Being Self Conscious And Shy

Overcoming shyness and building self-confidence are two sides of the same coin. If you want to be successful at tackling shyness and unlocking yourself from the barriers it causes then there are some things you can do and it will help if you can find methods for building self-confidence that will make you happier to engage socially.

Overcoming shyness and building self-confidence can be taken in small steps. Each small triumph will help you build and make progress. Think about a small thing that you might find challenging, like having a conversation with a retail assistant. This is one thing you could make a target of, as you only have to spend a limited time with that person. If you striker up a conversation and it doesn't go well you can move on. If it works, you have taken a step to overcoming shyness and building self-confidence.

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Other areas where there might be time constraints like this may also help. I know this might sound bold for someone who would call themselves shy but things like speed dating work well because there is a time limit if the encounter is proving difficult. Ring the bell and the other person is gone, and you need not speak to them again. This should help in overcoming shyness and building self-confidence. If you impress great, if not there is no pain from having to see that person again and again.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with being seen as a "good listener". If you aren't willing or happy to talk much, then you can still come across as confident, sympathetic and worth talking to by taking the time to listen to what people say to you. Most want to talk about themselves incessantly. If you are shy and don't wish to discuss yourself, turn it to your advantage!

Overcoming shyness and building self-confidence is about deciding to take actions to deal with the problem - and then having small and successful steps. It is possible to get there.

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If you are like one out of eight Americans, you are looking for a way to end panic attacks forever. Panic disorder affects people of all ages from all different walks of life. Having money, or a house, or children will not stop you from having panic attacks.

People with a panic disorder suffer from many different symptoms... Some people get so bad that they get physically sick. When things get this bad it's hard to leave the house... Therefore it gets very hard to live your life. When things get bad, this disorder can cost you your job, marriage, and your finances.

So what are some things you can do to end panic attacks?

1) Get educated. When I was suffering from regular panic attacks, I found that reading up on the subject helped me deal with them. If you are educated and well read on the subject, you will know what to expect and it can help you become a little less fearful when you actually start to have an attack. Getting educated helped me a lot... It wasn't a quick fix, but it helped me realize what was happening to my body and why. It helped me grasp what was going on... When I knew what was happening it was a little easier to be less fearful.

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2) Get a journal. Another technique to end panic attacks is to get a journal and update it on a daily basis. I like to write down what is going on in my life, along with what I feel when I start to have a panic attack. This helps me identify certain triggers. Once I identify my triggers I can them work on them. I write down things like how I felt, how I reacted to these feelings, and what I think I can do to get through these feelings.

3) Set goals. Once you have all of your triggers down in your journal you should set goals to work on. I used to be extremely anxious whenever I walked through the front door of work. Somehow this triggered panic attacks in me. When this was happening I thought I was crazy, and I was not quite sure what was causing it. I took small steps and challenged myself daily. Now I can walk through there without even thinking twice!

Without a doubt, I feel that the best way to end panic attacks is to adjust your behavior. This is a lot better than taking pills and drugging yourself up for your whole life! If you don't change your behavior, you are just masking the problem, not combating it.

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Anxiety is a part of our life. We all have it and it can be helpful as a motivator to perform our best but when it takes over our lives it can be devastating. If you find that you spend all day worrying then you may want to try a little self help for anxiety to get your life back on track.

When people obsess over worrying or anxiety, what they are really doing is trying to control the future by avoiding bad things. This is totally irrational and may in fact turn into self fulfilling prophecies because of the attention they give them. Focusing on worse case scenarios eliminates the possibility of a more positive outcome and dooms the worrier to elevated anxiety levels.

So what can you do in the way of self help for anxiety? It's impossible to stop worrying completely. You might be able to distract your mind for a moment but the worrying will come back. There are however a couple of self help techniques that you can try to lower your anxiety.

The first is to accept the unpredictable. No matter how much you worry about something, events happen and your anxiety about them can't stop them. Tell the control freak in you to take a holiday.

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Schedule you're worrying. Pick a time and place that you will allow yourself to worry full time. Don't make it to close to bedtime because you don't want to carry those thoughts into the bed with you. An excellent way to schedule this is by taking a daily walk.

Most people exercise in the morning but exercising at the end of the day has a number of advantages. First of all walking allows you to focus on your worrying. There's no equipment involved and the only thing you have to be conscious of is the traffic around you. Secondly, walking burns of the adrenalin that has accumulated over the day and continues to accumulate as you worry. Lastly walking briskly will cause endorphins to be released which will make you feel better.

Self help for anxiety is simply a matter of scheduling your worry time and reducing your anxiety with some physical activity. Try it and see how much better you feel.

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I used to get panic attacks all of the time... And I really had no clue what they were. My mind would start racing, I would start to feel my chest clamp up, and it felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I would then get light headed and woozy, right to the brink of passing out.

Before I knew what the attacks were, I literally thought I was dying. This thought made me more scared every time my anxiety started to get out of control. The more scared I got the more symptoms I saw... It was like a never ending cycle.

Panic attacks are simply your anxiety getting out of control. Panic attacks plague at least 20% of people at one time in their life or another. In the United States alone, that equates to 60 million people. Panic attacks know no socioeconomic boundaries; people from all walks of life can get them. People typically start noticing symptoms between the ages of 15-19.

Panic attacks are different then other forms of anxiety because of the way they strike. They come on very quick and are usually very surprising. This makes them very hard to deal with. You can be standing in the line at a grocery store then all of a sudden you are having a full blown attack. Just this right here can make the illness very hard to live with.

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Once someone has had a panic attack, say in an elevator, they may begin to avoid whatever triggered them in the first place. That person may begin to show fear of the things that caused their attack (the elevator,) and then they begin to develop phobias.

Once a person's fear starts to cause them to have phobias, the person is said to have a panic disorder with agoraphobia. This starts to really adversely affect a person's life. Depending what triggers a person's anxiety; one might not even be able to leave their house. If a person does not get treatment for this, it can have a huge impact on their lives.

So now that you know what panic attacks are you should read up on the treatment of them. I personally don't recommend taking medications to stop panic disorders. What you should do is to learn how to modify your behavior, learn what triggers your anxiety, and try to learn how to cope with it.

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