How to change yourself for the better?

How do you improve and change yourself for the better? Do you to grow and evolve as a human being?

Each and everyone of us wants to change our life for the better and change our behaviors. You should know that true change comes from within. Your behavior and life will not change until you change what is inside of your heart and subconscious mind.

You Decide

Are you happy?

Regardless if someone respects you or loves you and regardless if you have happy relationships, are you really happy in your life? After all, you decide if you want to be happy or not.

Can you make someone laugh?

Of course, you can’t because if the other person laughs, then he has decided that he wants to laugh.

Can you make your colleague angry?

Of course, you can’t because your friend might be smart enough and decides that he is not going to get upset and angry.

Can you improve yourself and become better?

Each one of us can achieve great success in our relationship with ourselves, family, friends, and God. You also can achieve everything you desire in regards to money, health, career, and wealth if you decide to.

There was an interview with one of the American millionaires who was poor and over a few years became a millionaire. Everyone wondered how he went from being poor to becoming a millionaire in a few years. When the interviewer asked him, “How did you become a millionaire?” He said, “I did two things and everyone who will do them will become a millionaire.” The interviewer asked, “What are the two things?” He said, “The first thing is I decided to become a millionaire. There is a difference between wish, desire, and making a solid decision. The second thing I did was take action. My decision was serious and I took serious and massive action and I became a millionaire.”

Always keep in your mind that to improve and change yourself for better, you need two things, making a decision, and taking action.

Are you going to make a decision to change yourself and life for the better? Are you going to start taking action to achieve your goals?

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Dia Thabet

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