False eyelashes may be a world unknown to you, either because you consider that you do not need to wear them or because they simply do not seem comfortable to put on or carry. On the one hand, although false eyelashes are not an accessory that you are going to wear on a daily basis, they can make a difference in an important look, whether it is a party, a wedding (yours, for example) or a wedding event. important night.

Also, even if you consider your lashes to be pretty enough, the false eyelash always offers a professional look finish that can be the perfect culmination to flawless eye makeup.

So why not learn at once how to put them on and get yourself a pair for special occasions? Follow these step-by-step instructions to put on false eyelashes:

1. Remove the tabs from their packaging by hand or with tweezers. If they have lost some of their curvature when removed from the container, round them again by pressing lightly with your fingertips.

If you usually use the eyelash curler to lift them, it is time to do it, so that they fit well with the false ones that you are going to place.

2. Measure the lashes: place the hairpieces on your natural lashes to see how they fit in size and if necessary trim them. Keep in mind that the shortest lashes are in the area of ​​the tear and that the longest have to coincide with the end of the eyes. Everything that is beyond the natural line of your eyelashes, you can cut with scissors.

3. Apply the glue all over the lash strip with an emphasis on the beginning and the final end so that they are well fixed on the eyelid. For this you can hold the lashes with the tweezers or with your fingers, whichever is most comfortable for you.

Let the glue settle for about 20-30 seconds for it to take on texture. If you put on the false eyelashes immediately after applying the glue, you will see that, when it is still too liquid, the strip does not fix and moves constantly.

4. Put on false eyelashes: the moment of truth. Place the lash strip adjusting first at the center and then at the ends. If it helps, you can rest the strip on the natural lashes until you fit it.

Try to stick them as much as possible to the natural line of the lashes because if you leave them too high the hairpiece will become too evident. Also, leave a few millimeters away from the tear so that the tab does not bother you when opening your eye.

Once placed in the desired position, lift the false eyelashes with gentle movements of the fingers so that they open over the eye.

5. Integrate the false eyelashes with your natural lashes by tapping with a stick, the tweezers themselves, or your fingers. Then apply a bit of mascara on the natural ones so that they fit the false ones and you can't tell which is which. This way you will get more thickness and a more professional finish.

6. Outline the eyelid: to hide the lash strip, apply the eyeliner over the lash line. This will also help you conceal possible glue stains, although you should know that black and transparent glues are sold to avoid this type of problem.

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