I wanted to write about what an Intuitive can help you with. This is something I'm asked a lot, and I feel like it's something that is many times misunderstood. Keep in mind that these are just my thoughts on the subject, and it's is not my intention to be judging intuitives or others who works in a different way, or in other ways do not agree with me. I will first write about what I believe Intuitives like myself can help you with, and then I want to address some misunderstandings and in the end I will write about how to word your questions to get the most out of your session.

As an intuitive it is my job to look at the larger strings of life. I see energy and I communicate with spirits, guides and other helpers you have around you. I believe it is very powerful when we are in a position where we figure out that you are in charge, and that you can change your life to whatever you want it to. It's all a matter of consciousness and which tools to use. We all have blind spots, even the most intuitive human do. For whatever reason these blind spots can block us and make us feel trapped or stuck in an unwanted situation. For example; maybe there was a situation in your childhood that you have repressed or you may have doubted its importance. When this part of you and your story is drawn to your consciousness you can begin to heal this aspect of you. We can't heal what we don't know, or don't want to know of.

We all have two points of perspectives: our own as a physical being, and one as our soul or higher self. This means that we all have the opportunity to connect with our higher self, but in some situations we seem to forget this and block this part of us. A typical situation for this is when we suffer from depression, anxiety or mental or physical trauma. In this situation an intuitive can be of help to you to look behind the veil and tell you what you have forgotten. The most important thing, in my opinion is, is to strengthen your belief in yourself and in that you have the steering wheel in your life.

This takes me to the next part that I wanted to address. The reason why I personally don't believe in only doing predictions is for this very reason. It is important for me to help you to your own truth and help you find your power. I believe that a session that is based on a series of predictions alone will strip you of your power, and make you believe that you need me as a middleman, or woman, to fix your life. Which is the opposite of what I believe and know.

So, how should one word a question to get the most out of an intuitive session? The most important thing, no matter the topic, is to come to the session with a feeling of self power. That being said, the very reason why you seek an intuitives point of view may be because you can't find your power, and that's ok! It's all about the inner knowing that I can't fix you, you have to take the information you receive and do the work yourself. Let me give you two examples of questions I get all the time, and feel into the difference of energy of them.
How can I step more into my power, and what is this block I seem to hit everytime I try to work on myself?
Is my husband cheating on me? Does he really love me?

The first one suggest the willingness and understanding that you have the power, and this will make it so the intuitive information will be more specific and you will feel that you will recieve more constructive information out of your session. The second one is more restrictive, and it depends on many variables, and I believe that it is in most cases not one of your core issues. It's only a layer, and a yes/no - answer will not help you to where you want to be/ be who you want to be.

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My name is Kristine, I’m a 29 year old Norwegian Intuitive Consultant and healer.I offer Intuitive Counceling and healing. I have been an intuitive all my life, and I have a Bachelor degree in Special Education.

I use my intuition in combination with both my education and personal experiences to guide you through the theme or question you want some clarification to. My areas of expertise are mental/emotional difficulties and guidance within various difficulties in life. I have a strong coaching undertone and my job is to guide you on how to move into your highest potential.

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