The following case-study about social phobia treatment demonstrates what can be achieved by practicing the simple self-help practice higher-consciousness healing as described in Tara’s book The Five-Minute Miracle.
Barbara (33 years) came to see me because she suffered from social phobia and low self-esteem. She also felt unfulfilled in her role as a house-wife. In the past Barbara had had a variety of jobs which had been very dissatisfying. Barbara wanted to find a new career but she didn’t know what she wanted and she was also hampered by her social phobia. On top of that she felt very guilty because her five year old son James was very shy. His shyness was so bad that he had been misdiagnosed as deaf by his teachers. Barbara believed that James’s problems were entirely her fault because she was so shy herself.

I helped Barbara to receive her first healing-symbol which was geared at overcoming her social phobia. She saw her symbol in her heart radiating with beautiful light and she learnt to slow down her breathing with the anti-anxiety breathing method. It took exactly four weeks until she was entirely free of symptoms. She said, ‘when I am in a crowd when usually my anxiety comes up I simply put my mind on my healing-symbol and that takes my mind off the fear. I don’t know how it works but my fear is getting less every day. Now I do not even get the panic that I used to get. It is simply gone.’

Barbara’s next symbol was geared at her son’s shyness. Higher Consciousness Healing can be used to help others (for example ourchildren) just as effectively as ourselves. Barbara practised Higher Consciousness Healing on behalf of James in exactly the same way as she practised her own symbols. She visualised his symbol (a pink children’s bed) in his heart and imagined pink radiating from his symbol into his little body and into his surroundings – with love. Within four weeks James shyness improved dramatically (from 6.5 to 0.5 out of 10) and he started to do many things that he had never dared doing before. For example, he made a lot more contact with other children at school.

Unfortunately, Barbara had trouble to appreciate all these improvements and a part of her remained doubtful. ‘This is too good to be true – it won’t last’, she said repeatedly and it was hard for her to really accept her positive development. I reassured Barbara that with every ‘good’ day her confidence in her new state of mind would grow – and that is exactly what happened.

In parallel to this work I encouraged Barbara to follow up any ideas about a possible career. Interestingly, Barbara suddenly knew very clearly what she wanted to do and did the necessary inquiries without further delays. At the end of our work together she knew exactly which career she wanted to pursue, she was free of fear and her son had a lot more confidence.

Everybody can achieve social phobia treatment by following the simple self-help exercises outlined in Tara Springett’s book The Five-Minute Miracle.

Author's Bio: 

Tara Springett holds an M.A. in Education and is a fully qualified psychotherapist. She has post-graduate qualifications in gestalt therapy, body awareness therapy and transpersonal therapy. She has worked as a drugs counselor, counselor for adolescents and general psychotherapist since 1988.
Tara has been a dedicated Buddhist practitioner since 1986. In 1997 she received encouragement from her Buddhist teacher to teach others. Tara has since taught on-going meditation groups and combines Buddhist wisdom and her experience in counseling when assisting her clients with their personal growth, self development & improvement.
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