Here are some questions that often arise about healing energy work….

Q. What is the difference between Reiki and RYSE?
A. Reiki is very PEACEFUL, RYSE is very TRANSFORMING! (which is NOT to say RYSE isn't peaceful or Reiki isn't transforming!). Reiki is hands-on healing; RYSE is done with a clear quartz crystal, off the body, working on the energy field. In Reiki I have music in the background; RYSE is a CD with words (with music behind them), telling your energy system what to do to become clear and aligned. RYSE is a SERIES of five private sessions, which are progressive.... leading up to an initiation to your Blueprint" (Highest Healed Self). Both Reiki and RYSE are very helpful for eliminating stress, increasing peace, helping with certain medical conditions, and before and after surgery to quicken the healing process and release the trauma inside the body and energy field.

Q. Can you tell me what's wrong with a person’s chakras?
A. It's better for you when I explain how your inner work and self care can help your system stay aligned after your energy clearing. I like to affirm your progress, what the healing session did for you, and how you can continue to maintain your alignment. Sometimes I'm very direct, however, about what your system might be "screaming" for, such as a change in diet, fresh air and exercise, or a commitment to free up your perceptions or limiting beliefs. Everyone always leaves the session at their next possible level of healing and alignment. There is never an "end point!"

Q. Are you psychic?
A. Well, everyone is! It's a matter of degree. I use intuition in my healing work to continually sense and assess what the energy system and body are wanting so I can move energies in an optimal way. I use all senses, ...seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing to access information. I also perceive and work with past trauma and inner child work. I do this by sensing the health of the inner child working multi-dimensionally with her to help bring her back to that magical child state. I also use my intuition with my oracle card readings, which occur after most healing sessions or as a separate offering. The oracle cards seem to bring about clarity, encouragement and confirmation based on what the client is looking for in the way of healing.

Q. Are you a medium?
A. Sometimes I see people who live in heaven, usually before, during or after a healing session or during a card reading. Sometimes they just show up, sometimes I tune in willfully and see someone. There is usually a reason they show up... like to let the loved know they are okay and to send love.

Q. Can bad karma be released?
A. Karma is simply "cause and effect." We receive "lessons" from our works that may be unkind in some minor or major way. Karma is a great teacher. There are various ways karma is released. Karma exists in the cellular memories held in the physical body and in the energy system. When we energetically purify and raise our vibration by receiving healing work, or have a continuing spiritual practice like meditation and yoga, we release karma. In other words, karmic release happens through our soul work and is also brought to us through divine grace. That's why letting go and forgiving and working with detachment and accessing our higher virtues is true spiritual work. This work crosses dimensions and can go all the way back to help heal our ancestry....and all the way into our future to pave the way for the return of "good" karma. Our "good" acts produced through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions create "good" it also works both ways!

Q. How many healing sessions are usually necessary?
A. My usual response to this question is that you will feel a difference immediately, and even more within 48 hours because it takes 48 hours to fully integrate your healing. You energy system will "climb" for a time. If you never receive another session, you may notice old patterns returning. If you keep up sessions regularly, to whatever degree feels "right" to you, your system begins to take on a permanent "re-wiring" so you can maintain an easy access to your peace, joy and balance. There is not an end point to our evolution. Energy healing supports and quickens your evolution to your highest healed Self. We can often tell when we feel "off" and it's time for a session. Those who have energy healing on a regular basis have an easier time maintaining steady balance.

Q. What if a person is too stuck to heal.
A. No one is too stuck. I don't buy into anyone's limiting belief about themselves. I see past it, every time. You are already whole, strong, powerful and beautiful. When I'm with someone I see the one who is already whole. I've witnessed too many transformations to perceive anyone as unable to move forward. We are all made of light and love and we are all divine. The work I do is meant to help you see, feel and become that whole Self.

Author's Bio: 

Judy Copp, M.Ed, RPP, RMT is the founder and healer at A Higher Balance Healing Center in Salem, MA. She helps others to access their highest Light and Soul Essence through intuitive, compassionate energy healing as well as spiritual and self-discovery programs. Learn about her local workshops and long distance healing, coaching and intuitive readings at