When thoughts and feelings of “there’s gotta be more” or this yearning to “find home” pops into our mind filled already with mind chatter, it is time to take care of Self. You do want to live stress-free, eliminate frustration and the feeling of inadequacy, right? Then, allow yourself, or even better, push yourself and become aware of your own strength and re-connect with your universal being for inner balance and harmony. Discover how embracing spiritual experiences manifest Soul-Esteem Balance and how this force influences everything within and around you.
When we are ready to embark on a journey to discover our amazing Self, our ancient wisdom, and are willing to learn how to connect with nature by means of a down-to-earth approach of nurturing the soul, seemingly a light goes on and everything is ‘lighter’. Our soul’s power to create healing energy is the place within where spiritual healing begins. By combining love for Self, nature’s energy, and the enlightenment Native spirituality gifts us, we are open to new possibilities in overcoming challenges.
This promises to be an amazing journey to your Spiritual Awakening sparking the essential know-how for a kinder, stress-free life. Don’t be surprised when you discover that the answers you are seeking are already within you, within your Self. All you have to do is open up, be ready to listen, allow yourself to feel, to dig into stillness, and to learn how to use your own awesome power.
We go on vacation to get a ‘healthy’ tan, to climb high mountains, and we go near and far for relaxation and new emotional imprints; yet, upon our return home we discover that the same ‘ol’ same ol’ has us quickly in grip again. So, did we discover a magic wand to change those stressful situations? Did we acquire life changing skills? No, we didn’t. So, ask yourself- really, truly, honestly ask yourself- have you ever taken a vacation for the soul to manifest new habits?
Being open minded also means that we pay attention to our solar plexus and listen deep inside to its messages. It is then, when we begin to comprehend the needs of your soul, and begin to meet those needs through kindness for Self, through gentle music, and through truth. Nurturing your soul with the power of truth strengthens your emotional well-being, influences your energy with calmness, and delivers a healthy portion of self-assurance and self-esteem. Just as you seek healing and cure from medical or alternative healthcare professionals for physical and mental ailments, energy healing is another sound opportunity to heal your soul. This, in turn, presents the possibility of living a better, happier and more rewarding life.
Staying on that path of ‘feeding’ the soul with powerful energy of delight, exhilaration and contentment, attracts those transformations in body, mind and daily life you long for. Does this mean that a balanced soul influences my self-esteem? Yes, and yes again. Just think, how could you possibly be self-assured if you have no idea how to overcome the challenges before you, and you’re stressed and frustrated, yet all you are longing for is peace and quiet? Wouldn’t such a situation deeply influence your ability to function adequately?
Therefore, nourishing the soul with patience, love and kindness results in finding and knowing one’s true Self. Consequently, showering your Soul with beauty of any kind enhances its capability to intertwine healing power, inner balance, and wisdom so you get to meet your future Self filled with self-esteem, a positive self-image in a stress-reduced life.

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Intuitive Life Coach/ Spiritual Guide, Personal Growth Expert, Jack Canfield trained International Speaker, Published Author, journalist, international educator and seminar presenter. Anke’s insightful sessions, workshops and spiritual retreats are strongly influenced by her studies in Native Philosophy, Metaphysics, European studies in human behavior, art, music, and world religions, as well as her work as an educator, with at-risk inner-city kids for which former President Bill Clinton honored her. Anke’s gift to awaken individual’s higher purpose, to motivate them into becoming more balanced and fulfilled is guiding to personalized solutions, and more effective and focused actions.