We've all heard time and again that "Attitude is everything".

In this life we're all playing an inner game of mental causes and an outer game physical affects. The inner game consists of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that we have; our values, attitudes and beliefs. The outer game is the affect of the thoughts, feelings and emotions. It's the work we do, the actions we take and the way we present ourselves to the world. The outer game of our results…our physical manifestation, is the game we show the world, but the inner game is the most important facet of our success in life.

The people who succeed in this life are the people who know that they can, know they will and act as if. Take a look at your favorite athlete. The ones that win the game are the ones that have that unshakeable belief that they will win.

Call it confidence, call it arrogance but the athletes with the winning edge all have that attitude. They have their inner game down and it's as practiced and realized in as their outer game, even though some may do it unconsciously.

When you approach your task with unstoppable confidence, unshakeable beliefs and unflinching determination to succeed that is exactly what you do. You succeed.

When you say it the way you want it…you get it.

When you approach your task with doubt, worries and uncertainty that is exactly what you create…doubt, worries, and uncertainty…not success. If you are to create the success you are looking for you must first pay attention to your inner game…your mental strength. You must develop align your values and beliefs with your thoughts. This will create the unstoppable confidence, unshakeable beliefs and unflinching determination that will give you the winning edge.

So how do you go about winning at the inner game? You need to study success. Success leaves clues. All you have to do is model it.

Learn all that you can about you’re your discipline. Find someone who is successful at what you want to do and read all about how they did it. WARNING: Many people make the mistake of following EVERYTHING about their role model. In many cases this can lead to destruction. Model only the behaviors and habits that support you in your goals and dreams and leave the rest alone.

In addition to modeling conduct research on your own. Knowing all of the ins and outs of your game can do wonders for your confidence. You need to set goals. Having a target to shoot for keeps you going when times are not easy.

You’ll need to develop the mental strength by keeping your thoughts and beliefs in harmony with your goal.

One method is affirmations. Affirmations can help with this but only if you put emotions into your affirmations. When you are working with affirmations repetition is necessary too. You can't just say it once or twice and expect it to sink into your subconscious mind. A good affirmation bears repeating again and again and again.

Another method is visualization. See your success in your mind's eye and include ALL your senses. See it, hear it, smell it, touch it and taste it. In other words, engage your senses in your imagination as you visualize. The more senses you engage the more real it becomes. The more real it becomes the closer it is to manifesting in your real life. So daydream. Visualize. Imagine your success down to the most intricate detail. This is your creation.

One more powerful way to develop your mental strength is constantly move outside your comfort zone. We all have comfort zones for each area of our lives, i.e. relationships, business, fitness. Start with one area that’s easy for you, say relationships. Make it a habit to meet one new person a day. You don’t have to become lifelong friends, just meet someone new.

Then notice how you felt and what did you want to do before you met the person. The notice how you feel and what you did do after you met the person. Now simply apply this success formula to the other areas of your life.

This is your life….your manifestation. This is your Success and only yours. You have the responsibility to develop your own mental strength. This will build your inner game of attitude and you will come out a winner.

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Gregg Swanson is the founder and head coach at Warrior Mind Coaching. Gregg is a leading peak performance coach, mental and physical strength & conditioning expert. He specializes in sports mental training and mental endurance. Peak performance coaching is the process of building and developing the mental skills and mindset that helps individuals obtain their goals and compete at their best…consistently. To get a complimentary copy of “Powerful Secrets to Creating Mental Strength” go to http://warriormindcoach.com