As a Naturopathic Doctor my passion and focus is and always has been to assist each person who comes into my clinic individually. I like to spend quality time getting to know each of my clients in order for me to provide accurate medicine, therapy or support.

In my 26 years, I have remained a Traditional Naturopath whereby my focus has been on understanding the Healing Power of Nature: To assist and empower each of my clients with “Optimal Health Choices and Treatments” that are suitable for them.

Naturopathic Medicine is the very foundation of supporting the body and each of its parts to function optimally both individually and in unison without causing "HARM".

It is the "WITHOUT CAUSING HARM" that is the Key element here.

The key to using herbal, homoeopathic and nutrition with treatments is the only way you can heal the body. So as to improve cellular function and therefore restoration.

The other key essential is to assist the body with detoxification for this to happen effectively. It is also vitally important to incorporate other support such as counselling, lifestyle coaching and ultimately massage therapy.

Specializing in formulating individual herbal and homoeopathic formulas. Incorporating improvement with daily eating habits. Allowing food to work as your medicine giving you a lifetime of health and vitality.

I teach each of my clients how applying healthy lifestyle changes and approaches will support their body's own natural healing and health restoration.

It is working as a team with both myself and you as my client. In obtaining the best results possible: whilst keeping it simple and easy to manage strategies and changes.

Over this time I have managed to build a Holistic Traditional practice for you whereby from the time you walk in your treatments and healing will begin.

I believe the Best thing about Naturopathic Medicine is that it is Empowering, giving each of you every opportunity to live not just perhaps a longer life, but a much more vital life.

What drew me to studying and practicing Naturopathic medicine is the fact that it is all about Healing and Living a Vital Life: Improving your Life Force, the Very Essence of who you are!!!

Using Medicine from the grass roots of nature with no chemical interference is the foundation to “Becoming well”, it has stood the test of time for millions of years. It is evidence based medicine.

How Naturopathic Medicine Difference differs from the Mainstream Health Care Model

Your Visit is Quite Different to that of visiting your Local GP or Medical Clinic than that of what your visit will be to your Naturopathic Doctor

The models of health care between a MD and a ND are very different

MD’s will focus upon what is known as reactive healthcare: utilizing general pharmaceutical prescriptions whereby you purchase from your local pharmacy or they will refer you to a Specialist for further tests or examinations and if necessary surgery.
The Role that this type of “Reactive Healthcare” plays a vitally important when it comes to life threatening or severe physical injuries, accidents or if poisoning has occurred. We definitely need this type of care available to each and every one of us.
The role or function that Reactive healthcare doesn’t facilitate or support with any great efficacy is acute sickness or ill health or chronic disease in assisting with the physical body returning to a healthy state or an optimal state of homeostasis. In biology, the term homeostasis refers to the ability of the body to maintain a stable internal environment despite changes in external conditions.

ND’s Naturopathic doctor’s focus is on not just short term health???Fixes, but long term health and optimal functioning of your body. ND’s are trained as primary care physicians, having been taught the understanding of the patterns of imbalance that occurs within the body when becoming ill.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I completed a Professional Qualifications covering all aspects of Naturopathic medicine, Pharmaceutical medicine, trained in both the Manufacturing, Prescribing and Dispensing of natural medicines and therapies these include:
•Herbal and Homeopathic medicine: Nutrition also in the terms of Nutritional Medicine: Nutritional Supplementation
•Physical therapy includes use of Massage and specific massage techniques that provide support with connecting your inner Health of Mind Body: Massage also assists with built up tension, anxiety and emotional imbalance or injuries. By giving support to their clients of the important role that their mind plays in each person’s return to health.
•Lifestyle and Optimal living strategies – Counselling and Coaching to assist you to implement healthy, optimal changes to your life in order to become well. Whilst supporting you to stay on track.
•Consultations combine you giving a detailed history of your health concerns, along with your current and previous symptoms, any previous tests or other medical examinations you may have undertaken.

As your Naturopathic Doctor the only diagnostic tool I use is Iridology, this links then with the knowledge that has been acquired through communication and questioning that has taken part within the consultation process. Where Naturopathy’s expertise lies is in enabling you to become well with medicines that are not going to cause you harm, but assist the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Whilst looking at areas where disease and illness can be prevented giving you control and the ability to manage your health effectively.

Where this can be challenging is that lifestyle changes and implementing a new way of thinking takes time, commitment and determination. However this will definitely lead to giving you a far better quality of life, that you will be able to manage yourself.

I know the most common question asked is – “Does a Naturopathic Doctor treat common ailments such as cold and flu, recurrent infections and general feeling unwell?”

Yes we do, however unless you are a current client within a Naturopathic Clinic it is often needed that your initial consult is that of 90 minutes in order for the Naturopath to be able to assess your level of health accurately. Once this is determined and a health plan put into place for you that is the correct medicines, looking at your diet and lifestyle habits. Each person is treated as an individual, with the understanding that our level of health changes from day to day from week to week. It is something that consistently requires maintenance and support.

Here at Julie’s Naturopathic Health Care Clinic once you are a client and remain a regular client you will be provided with regular support being included with online support and access to regular health information as well as updates.

Empowering You to Optimal Health Julie Doherty N.D

Author's Bio: 

Julie Doherty is acknowledged as Worldwide Leader in Healthcare by The Leading Physicians of the world. She is an exceptionally experienced naturopathic health practitioner with a vast expertise in traditional medicine, herbal medicine, and homeopathic medicine. Julie has over twenty-six years in practice and currently maintains a position at Julie's Naturopathic Health Care Services, her private practice in Hackham, South Australia, Australia, where she provides an extensive array of safe, effective, individual, and non-invasive therapies to assist with overcoming health issues that affect the body and the mind.

Julie graduated with distinctions from S.A. College of Botanical Medicine and Natural Therapies and is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Her professional qualifications include Naturopathic Doctor, Herbal & Homoeopathic Practitioner in Diet and Nutritional Medicine, Remedial & Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Body Mind Balancing Cognitive Counselling, and Healthy/Lifestyle coaching and Natural Beauty. This solid education has enabled Julie to provide an extensive range of multidisciplinary modalities that are safe, effective, individual and non-invasive to empower each person to optimal health. Julie credits her success to determination and dedicates to her family and traveling in her spare time.

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