For many people, a qualified Naturopathicpractitioner will play a pivotal role in treating their chronic health conditions, especially when more conventional treatment has not achieved the desired results. Conditions may include, but not limited to, pain and fatigue, sleeping disorders, anxiety, digestive disorders etc. They follow the principle of responding to the unique and specific needs of the client and  from this, develop a treatment plan that may include high quality nutritional supplements, botanical medicines, homoeopathic or herbal medicine and in some cases, dietary therapy.

Indeed, both the lay practitioners and Naturopathic doctors in Newtown,as well as in other locations,  understand the process of natural and non-invasive healing of various health conditions through the use of natural medicines.

How exactly do these doctors act? 

The typical treatment begins with an understanding the health status of the person, any medical condition as well and the mental and emotional health of the patient. Effective naturopathic treatment starts with ancompassionate and effective communication between the client and the practitioner. When the case history is taken, this is then translated into a cohesive action plan. Priorities and health goals are set as well as the treatment protocols.

Now let’s look at another principle the typical professional naturopath in Australia will follow while treating patients.

Minimal Medicines Used

A Naturopathic or Homoeopathic treatment plan is all about application of non-invasive, gentle and effective therapies that do not have or have minimal adverse actions or side effects. The practitioners also ensure that the methods of treatment used do not suppress symptoms. This means the underlying cause if the condition is address using a naturopathic holistic approach

The Healing Power Of Nature

The human body has an inherent and intrinsic ability to maintain or move towards normal health. It is the very nature of being human. Thus, it is this natural tendency of the human body that naturopaths and homoeopathsharness. They promote this healing process by eliminating the obstacles to cureand identify the precise treatment procedures that will enhance and promote recovery and healing.

Tracking Down The Real’ Cause

Whether it’s the naturopathic doctors or a naturopath who is not a medical doctor, they will treat the underlying cause of the illness using a naturopathic or homoeopathic holistic approach. This is different to an approach that focuses on symptom relief which is often the basis for other forms of treatment. There are times symptomatic relief is desirable but the issue is how you achieve this and to what end.  The Naturopath and Homoeopath views symptoms as a manifestation of an internal imbalance. This imbalance may have physical, mental or emotional elements to it and it here that the treatment is focused.

Holistic Treatment

What is the underlying philosophy of our Naturopath in the Inner West of Sydney?

These practitioners of naturopathic or homoeopathic treatment identify the specific dysfunctions or weaknesses of the client and then tailor a treatment planthat is going to help the client to move towards better health and healing. This approach to treatment means that the treatment protocols will  vary from one patient to another, based upon their individual needs and circumstances. Naturopathic & Homoeopathic practitionersare focused on identifying and treating theseunderlying factors from a holistic point of view, understanding that the symptoms are often a refection of these deeper issues. Thus, naturopathy and homoeopathyis all about providing a holistic treatment and understanding the cause of illness, disease and health, from this holistic viewpoint.

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The author is a well-known naturopathic practitioner providing treatment in West Sydney, Newtown and throughout Australia with teleconferencing. The author is also an avid blogger.