Big and bright in the sky tonight is the Leo Full Moon, blazing for all to see and feel. The powerful lunar waves are moving into our collective awareness, as we are reminded of the beauty and majesty of our universal rhythms and cycles. So much has occurred since the New Year double eclipses, I can't believe it is still January.

Not only were we jolted out of our personal cocoons by the massive earthquake in Haiti, but our world as we knew it is changing so fast we cannot make sense of it all. The Ascension Plan is now in affect, and the world of duality is being rocked and shaken to its very core. Anywhere we are still engaged with the polarizing forces will be experienced as heaviness, oppression, pain and struggle. The counter-force of progress will be felt like slamming into a wall, jolted by incessant obstruction, delays, willful denial, lack and deprivation!

The infusion of photon light particles into earth's atmosphere is illuminating the once-hidden forces of darkness for all to see. As illusions are collapsing under the powerful laser light of 'truth', our world is appearing to become darker and more chaotic. And yet, all is not as it seems! As the veils of illusion thin and dissolve, the insidious, controlling darkness has no where to hide. It is being exposed to the world stage and so it seems to be growing stronger. The upcoming Chiron-Neptune conjunction in early February is enhancing the exposure of non-truth in juxtaposition to the crystal-clarity of pure truth. Darkness has always been present, just hidden.

Now our global media, internet and cell phone cameras are exposing the ugly truth of rampant shadow consciousness...the underbelly of our collective field. As society collapses under the pressure of domination and control, our human family is witnessing such extreme disregard for individual rights of decency and ethical treatment. On Jan 21st, the US Supreme Court delivered their "game changing" decision to grant corporations the same rights as individuals, and in particular the right to pour unlimited money into government elections. This unconscionable decision has planted the seed for future revolution!

No longer subjected to decades-held campaign laws, corporations can now buy and sell governing policy and procedure. The American dream 'of the people, by the people, and for the people' has been replaced with blatant corrupted corporatism obsessed with profit and domination. We are now witnessing the rise of banks and investment firms controlling access to the wealth of our nation. The governing sector reflects the impotent polarization of our divided psyche as our President continues to call for unification!

The American majority voted in an agent of change last November, as we called out for a new world. But we must 'see' how the entrenched controlling forces of darkness are pushing us towards the brink of revolutionary change! We cannot allow our individual rights to be continually stripped away by a corrupted government, ruled by corporate self-interest and greed. The time is now!

The Old World Order is being exposed in the illumination of pure truth...and we cannot remain immobile, unconscious, as we lose everything we value and need to endure and prosper. A new world is forming...a community of Oneness. Our Souls will compel us to take action, in honor and alignment with truth. The wave of conscious action, demonstration, and dismantling has been initiated...we are the purveyors of living truth! I invite you to join the Ascension Wave into a New Earth and return home to unity we build a new sustainable community of Oneness.


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Meg Benedicte, Bio-Energetic Healer, Author and Teacher...Through her unique gift for understanding subtle energies and discerning the vigorous blueprints of disease, Ms. Benedicte has become a pioneer in vortex healing. Find out more at: