1. Patient wants to have the least painful post operative

2. Patient scalp donor area is very inelastic

3. Patient wants to keep hair short ( buzz cut) which is
very popular nowadays to avoid scar

4. Patient had donor area healing problem from previous
strip or FUT surgery

5. Patient wants to resume his daily activities soon
after the procedure like gymming etc

6. Where body hairs need to be extracted

7. Where finer hairs needs to be selected for hairline or
eyebrow restoration

8. Repairing post strip or FUT donor scar area

9. Patient has a history of keloid or hypertrophic

10.Patient has low donor density

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Dr Sandeep Mahapatra, one of the leading & best trichologist in India, is an expert in Neo Cosmetic Hair Replacement. He has over 12 years of experience in using advanced restoration techniques and tools to provide permanent, natural-looking hair fall solution. Dr Sandeep Mahapatra developed his own transplant technique, through which he has earned the reputation of the Best hair transplant surgeon in Bangalore, Kochi and worldwide.