On every new morning, when you come in front of the mirror and want to look at the beautiful you, there is the possibility that your reflection may give you a terrible surprise. It may affect your whole day badly. Keep the expenses in view that you need to bear for getting shiny hair as revealed in the advertisements.
Following are 5 easy tips for your relief that really work. You can get your shiny and strong hair back with the help of these tips.
1. Rinse your hair gently
The first and foremost thing is to consider that you should rinse your hair softly and gently. You need to properly wash your hair with proper care. Do not wash your hair on daily basis as this process can damage your hair by eliminating all natural oil from the scalp.
You should massage your scalp with the help of a conditioner before washing. Massage helps in blood circulation that helps in dandruff prevention.
2. Use the Art of Drying Hair
When you wash your hair properly, then the next step is to dry them by using correct method. You can keep your hair healthy with the correct use of a blow dryer. Keep the dryer away from your head so that heat doesn’t affect your scalp badly. Don’t squeeze or rub the scalp roughly with the help of towel as your hair may damage as they are wet at that time. Always use heat protection spray if you are using hair straightener or rolling iron.
3. Avoid Brushing Your Wet Hair
Hairs are weaker than usual when they are wet. Don’t try to brush them when they are wet. Also, don’t follow the myth that if you brush your hair 100 times in a day, you will get fine hair. However, in fact they fall and break by doing so.
4. Reduce the Use of Chemicals
If you are fond of hair styling then don’t use too much products for styling. These products contain harmful chemicals that may damage your hair. Still, if you want to use them then apply them from a distance only on your hair strands.
5. Food and Strong Hair
Diet plays major role in making hair strong. You should include healthy foods in your diet. Make it your habit to intake foods like dry fruits, tuna, salmon, milk, and flax seed oil, as they contain fatty acids.
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