It is possible to cure panic attacks using on self-help therapies for people with social phobia. Shyness is a common problem that affects people of all ages. Very few people feel comfortable being at the center of attention and find it a nerve-racking experience. The thought of being watched is enough to create immense feelings of fear and anxiety for some people.

People who get extremely anxious in social situations are likely to have social anxiety disorder. Even though it has been recognized as one of the most common anxiety disorders, most sufferers remain undiagnosed. Most adults who suffer from social anxiety have developed it from childhood. Social anxiety in children can develop from repeated ridicule, criticism, rejection and other such negative conditioning.

As adults we still feel the pressure from others to perform and through our own self-criticism, we lose self-confidence and assertiveness. Some people grow out of social anxiety or find a way in overcoming panic attacks while others remain fearful. Giving a wedding speech, meeting with boss for a job assessment, going on a first date; these are possible incidences that could trigger a panic attack in a sufferer.

Symptoms can be especially terrifying when you are forced to confront you fears with nowhere to escape. The domino effect of anxiety symptoms causes more fear and more symptoms, which trigger an attack. Hyperventilation, a choking sensation, trembling in the limbs and a thumping heartbeat; these are some of the hundreds of symptoms that can be experienced during an attack.

One of the things that worry people with social phobia is making a mistake in front of others. This is why preparation is one of the best preventative measures to cure panic attacks. This is why being prepared with your content is incredibly helpful. Make the effort to research and put together a neat plan of what you're going to deliver. Even politicians use cue cards, so go ahead and write some cards to help you keep on point.

Practice makes perfect, so go through content until you become familiar with it. Try and practice in front of someone you are close to who will support you. You can practice in front of the mirror too as well as with your imagination. Visualization techniques can work wonders for rehearsing and is used by professional athletes, politicians to successful business people.

You might also find that the additional use positive affirmations can enhance the exercise. To begin, first reach a steady and deep breathing pattern, and think of a confident person that you admire. It could be someone you know personally or someone you've seen on TV. See the way they stand and talk, and see how confident they are.

Next, move into that person's body and take on their strengths. Feel yourself ooze with confidence, and with this image in mind, imagine going through the presentation or speech that you have. Picture yourself standing in front of everyone at complete ease and the whole thing going perfectly. Do this several times throughout the day and everyday up to the event.

To cure panic attacks you need to have the right mental attitude and confidence, which visualization exercises can help provide. On the day mentally go through this positive picture one more time. Take some nice deep breaths, shake any tension, put a smile on your face and go with a purpose. Don't worry about making any blunders, just smile and no one will notice. Through self-help techniques, anyone can overcome anxiety and depression disorders.

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