In Blue Matrix Energetics the practitioner learns to understand and process the variety of the spectrums of ultra violet, x-ray, gamma and the zero point field; the quiet, radiant fields. These frequencies are known in sciences like astronomy but rarely discussed in the realm of energy based healing modalities. This absence of knowledge has lead to dogmatic, far out explanations of what healing energy is and where it comes from. More accurately it has been termed chi, prana, universal life force energy etc. While these are valid names they hardly paint the full picture of the dynamic hyperspace realms of frequencies we inhabit as multi-dimensional beings and as such have access to.

Life force is the movement of the great spiritual self and can be perceived through our embodiment. It can catapult us to experiencing ascending frequency dimensions. It is from these dimensions and associated states of consciousness that the most experienced practitioner will perform his/her most formidable healing work. Also largely omitted from most energy healing training is any mention of the brain’s ability and role in receiving and processing different frequencies.

In simple terms, our day to day thinking process occurs in the cortexes (partly composed of a high lipid level in the white mater). That is where we process information that we have accumulated over our life time, analyze, create thought constructs and form neurological connections for motor functions and many other learned skills. Here we store a library archive of facts and information that we have accumulated to use as building platforms of concepts. This area of the brain works on slower frequencies and time and gives us the experience of our fluxing, conscious, personality self. The temporal lobes are the place where the brain begins to move into a trance when we are meditating or sleepy. It is similar to someone turning down the lights and dimming a room preparing for quiet. Music like Gregorian chants and has an interesting effect on this area of the brain.

Clair audience takes place largely using the temporal lobes; 'hearing' another psychically and is connected to our auditory system on a higher vibration.

It is the little I that uses the cortexes and is split in consciousness from the Creator; the I as the Holy Spirit when the codex key activity is not in action. In action a codex key given is the firing of the cerebellum that in that moment of codex activation the whole brain lights up and magically the Holy Spirit maps in the cortexes the information from the codex key given. Now no split in consciousness exists for the being as far as the new self is being forged with that key having open those gates including glandular hormonal releases and neurotransmitter releases in the brain necessary for the information to be mapped correctly. In addition once mapped the observer may use the catalogued memory bank of the cortexes in slower time to move out of any consciousness split to create concepts in faster processing areas of the brain during creative time. In the soul’s use of the cerebellum once the codex key information is mapped it may also use certain conceptual symbols to access more keys upon focusing on them to ‘remember’ important or relevant information to the current lifetime from past incarnations thusly accessing more codex keys healing any splits in consciousness that may have been carried forth from another life.

Perhaps when some zealously hunt for psychics to experience past life regression what is really desired is the accessing of catalogue data that closes a chapter to an important block of data for the soul to map through the entire brain. No consciousness split exists once the information from a given codex key is mapped in the cortexes or what is taught about in all spiritual texts that endeavor to explain ‘separateness’ and ‘oness’ in unified consciousness.

The midbrain area is able to process frequencies in the range of infra-red to ultra violet in a faster time. The state of consciousness experienced from this part of the brain is markedly different than the cortexes. Characteristics that I have experienced of this are: no-time, emotional disassociation, disembodiment, being removed from the environment yet experiencing 360 degrees of that or other environments as a detached observer, remote view of past or future, psychic awareness of clients history and or ailments. The feeling of accessing this area of the brain is like moving `underwater’ deep inside the center of the brain. It is like a space ship taking off from the conceptual platform of the cortex library of ideas and moving to the midbrain of the deep place where once trance begins the then the space ship may zoom into a blast of a world that is the idea unfolded in richly detailed, holographic brilliance.

Training the brain to map the memory of this unfolding increases the ability to record the experiences over time in the cortexes with as much richness as that area of the brain is created for. The limbic systems situation at the back of the cortexes creates a place of impulse from the processing of the energy centers data, a leap into the brain according to the calibration of the energy centers information input that creates emotion. Lymbic structures are the sensory environment 'antenna' like on a butterfly I call them the amygdala the hyppocampus which is a a navigation structure that helps orient one self in space time (both determine which memories are stored where in the brain for example if you are yelled at information may pass through those structures and be placed in the inner cortex areas where as if you are listening to inspiring music and contemplating the memories of your activity maybe mapped in the outer cortex areas) the thalamus which is a strong anchoring point for soul expression; this miniature cortex like structure that also vibrates well higher inspiration for genius mind. The thalamus is also involved endocrine control and thus gender identity of the soul and sleep wake cycle regulation as well. The hypothalamus is also part of the limbic structure that regulates sleep and waking up, emotional regulation that affects the autonomic function in sympathetic or parasympathetic activity because of endocrine function control. The fold in the brain called the singulate gyrus is involved in the sensory input affecting emotional response and regulating aggression. Other limbic structures are the fornix; a fibrous neuron structure that connects the hippocampus to the hypothalamus. Olfactory bulb is also a small structure in the olfactory cortex contained in the medial temporal lobes lobes that controls the sense of smell that is close to the nose area above it and a part of the limbic system. From mid brain impulses to the way the consciousness jumps to the cortexes which may affect not only our speech, actions and planning but also how the motor cortex, comprehension and the processing of time occurs in the slower part of humanity. Illusion is present in the processing of mind in the mid brain area that is the place of receiving psychic impressions from the past or future.

Back of the cortexes is necessary for balance, memory of where we put things what we read in some people and other things mentioned in this text.

A still point of no space time is found there and the illusory world of the solid creation that we participate in is demonstrated in hyperspace worlds. A mechanism of the mid brain area the occurs when the cortex activity quiets during focus time is the secretions of melatonin from the bathing of the cerebral spinal fluid with the charged light from the nervous system which excites the electrolytic action in the spinal fluid necessary for neurotransmitters to flow correctly. “Neurotransmitters are chemicals made by the body which relay, amplify, and modulate signals between a neuron and another cell. Neurotransmitters are packaged into synaptic vesicles that cluster beneath the membrane on the presynaptic side of a synapse, and are released into the synaptic cleft, where they bind to receptors in the membrane on the postsynaptic side of the synapse.”

New scientific information supports the theory of mirror neurons of the upper bandwidth infra red realm just before visible light create a mirroring of a concept mapped in the brain in that vibration or launches from the mirror matching state of realization with another person ( read soul observance article) . Nova on ‘mirror neurons’ on line recommended. The thalamus is a limbic system structure that is the extra sensory small structure that fires mirror neurons fast for psychic impressions to be formed. It is governed by the reticular formation that gives the 'sense or feeling through the whole nervous system pre flight or flight like a warning sixth sense that is its greatest function for self preservation on a higher level of perception. It is a key area in navigating multiple streams of information such as crossing the street in the rain and watching out for someone behind us about to bump us and a jump to the cerebellum occurs from there.

Amygdale is a pair of nuclei structure that is emotional instinctive sensory in its role and may fire up to gamma brain wave bursts during inspiration. It plays a role in hormonal release in relevance to the emotions run. It may also fire this gamma frequency during higher level sexuality to program the biological matrix to whatever the mind consumed is during sexual arousal.

In addition the function of the reticular formation and the seven energy senses hyperspace higher vibration perception into UV Blue realm of vibration makes this organ vibrate very high during healing work or the BME Merkaba process and is key in the unity of the consciousnesses flowing to the brain and body expedited as unified in a higher vibration.

The hypothalamus's where the codex is either 'primitive' driven for instinct of a lower order through the glandular secretions that lead to fight or flight and fear; the nor adrenalin and adrenalin response. Or the biochemistry of joyousness and clean sensuality relaxed is in a calm nervous system that can actually fire gamma bursts faster paradoxically. Anger is the fastest way to exhaust the nervous system through these pathways and fear shrinks the thalamus significantly over time. Sexuality if of a higher order there is a magical bonding chemistry that is beneficial and programmable of the biological matrix for deep relaxation in non co dependent sharing and focus such as in heavenly lovemaking. If the sex is CSN fixative such as from hard core pornography then the gateways of this thalami cortex area through the action of the hypothalamus information system process screams be your body be your body be your body and that is pure senses no sixth senses except hidden in the negative so there is no intimacy possible with the partner under those conditions. It also affects hyperspace navigation capability for if the entity is wired for 'primitive' response based on fixed CSN over stimulated body gratification they are no codex key granted situation for higher level abilities. Thalamus fires willful action to be or do from an inspired state ideally which is also greatly influential on mitochondrial efficacy and a relaxed yet strong fluid body with no solar plexus problems such as digestion and healthy lung heart mass all the way through the body health if the sexuality is not confused; sexuality splits the entity the most of any activity into altered self and neurosed perceptions or fears. See this link for more on the reticular formation and this are of the brain also

NOTE: On the matter of the observer that is growing up there is a sequence of hilarious evolution that is necessary to understand. In babies the observer is contained into a small body and brain that as it grows has to reorient itself to motor function that is not unlike a paraplegic that is relearning basic motor function and mapping its observer to watch its arm moving for the cortexes are the past always the past recording of the faster brain area fired the cerebellum so the soul is saying, 'hey kid you are being mapped now we need to get moving and the little i the cortex identity has to see that we need to get moving. This is not like the dancer or athlete that is fluid in motion for that entity has already gone through the wiring of a child's brain and now has understanding of movement and may also now work on higher cognitive and movement levels to excel in an athletic pursuit where the god force kicks in and you have the well run biological miracle that has evolved from hours of work that had its humble beginnings as the tiny baby remembering what its arm moving was. Some adults many of them move between the motor cortexes and the cerebellum to move the body. Usually this accompanies the big joke the observer growing up if it gets stuck over navigating its reality from the cortexes once they have been mapped through childhood to adulthood not unlike the athlete who hast to navigate past this wiring to excel. In the higher cognitive function there is the the necessity to see and perceive beyond the five sensory world of the small I that lives in the past memory log of the same consciousness firing faster that is the same as the stuck state of the grown observer stuck reviewing its sensory world. That is not the holy spirit functioning it is not fully perceiving past the illusion of reading the mapping of the higher cognitive self the big I the divine entity state. In the reticular formation there is the attainment of the pathways to the whole brain that is like a lattice work of firing which includes the instructions to the seven energy centers that process the living experience through the physical biological vehicle the body and so this has the determining dispensation of ability from the first arm movement to the dancer fluid across the stage.

In regards to mirror neurons they have a unique place in brain usage where in mapping of the cortexes there is the phenomenon of memory of the child which is the examination of the self mapping motor skills and upon firing through inspiration of the excitement of the move accomplished the whole brain fires the mapping as positive feed back to the identity growing having accomplished this. Faster motor skills ensue from this secret maneuver. In illness a child has less inspiration in the growth and physical development of the cortex mapping and therefore in these times may not develop as strongly and quickly. So there is a mirror neuron effect of mapping memory to lift the arm to reach for an object. Any self examination is therefore inclusive of the mirror neuron wiring of self reflection just before the cells have their program as flesh. In Quantum Mind Management the vital ingredient of advancing practitioners of it is to disallow the mirror world of reflection or examination of others as sympathetic wiring which is a neuroses state keeping the entity in the small I of cortex mapping after the growth phase is complete. Neurosis is the unnatural state of mapping another's reflection of us as self identification. Mirror neurons fire as such and the only way out is the tunnel on earth of communing in the state of pure non analytical observation both entities looking into each others eyes where there is a loss of time perception and love moving that is truth honored of beingness in the moment without judgment or analysis.

Transcendence of insecurity or suspicion of ulterior interests is then a clean mirror world that is only the entity and unconditional acceptance without the neurosis of taking on another's lesser mind as self. Teachings that are accepted which support higher sovereign state are also mirror neuron firing which contain an accepted state of inspired mind to explore and become. Inspiring teachers are not the same as mirror worlds askew of, 'I wonder what she thinks of this dress?' Not the same as, 'you look great today nice dress!' Big difference and energy science teachers give the elevation of consciousness through study and practice the feedback that is devoid of expected positive reinforcement or negative association with failure.


Feed back given is there in order to help form a correct mirror world un skewed un neurosed with over self examination of worthiness issues. Assessment of progress with love of self is then possible without taking any Instructors worlds personally freeing the soul from over mapping feedback loop of the small I in the student.

A reticular formation in the brain in the center where from the brain stem moving up it is formed around the
mid brain area and is a highly important place where the codex keys accessed create the quantum state allowed for how the entity is firing the brain as a whole and at what observational, navigation levels of conscious awareness the being functions on thusly affecting the physical plane experience. It is an area of the output of rich bundles of information woven to represent a lattice structure that is harmoniously rich communication with the rest of the brain that fires at that level of the UV codex information; the reticular formation. This formation is given the codex attained pattern that wires the rest of the cortexes with what is brought forth into conscious awareness and is where inspiration heralds also from living the truth of experiencing codex keys granted which heighten inspiration in consciousness activities such as writing, music composition, art and other creative activities which include basic skills such as cooking and many more from earned attainment. In addition the whole brain cerebellum functions on a much more God aware level that is a conscious stream and the being is not just vital sign manager with this area of the brain.

Attainment of the whole entity consciousness growing and developing in its incarnation is moving to the area of the brain that uses the cortexes in a different way now grown up from mapping acceptable content through childhood to keep the identity safe from non age appropriate content that would overwhelm the observer at younger ages to the trap of the societal structure that says no to being unique as genius contemplating outside the parameters of acceptance requiring the eccentric label too often by the hilariously asleep cortex identified jury of humanity un awakened. In order to stay in the enlightened state the observer must at puberty understand the challenges of the cerebral penetration of a partner engaging sexuality one day beyond its cortex mapping for it is not easy to map as it is mostly feeling of a higher intuitive order that is usually misidentified in society past the basic pro creative information of reproduction and the tantalizing images of nudity are not describing the sex act at all it is simply teaching to look at the body in a less innocent state than children have naturally. Such teachings place too much emphasis on body identification which is a necessary to stay in the cortex recorded past to review the body as acceptable which is a planned neurosis keeping the observer in the little I instead of moving past the daily grooming smiling at the lovely results of a beautified being wearing a lovely body and them moving to the rest of the day in confidence and attention to quantum creation of a higher order. Pornography is the a sexual neurosis inducing medium where there is such a strong CSN plug in to sex on the scree that it is total body identification of intimacy that ruins the intent of enlightened sexuality to be in line with the higher consciousnesses development that is about a real and lovely connection between two people without shame and with new understanding of loving healthy bonding that healthy children are born from and nurturing relationships are inclusive of. Sexuality if it is incorrect causes cortex past living and if it is correct then there is a highly inspired entity that has the power of inspiration to move through life with confidence security no shame or trepidation.

Heavenly Love Making Text is there to facilitate a greater success with and understanding of sexuality for couples. In addition to the sexual item there is the power of the challenges leading to stress that are also why the observer places itself into the small I state to protect itself from adrenal burn out. Mind management or using the Quantum Mind Management tool is there to navigate through the day with greater success and less stress ensuring that greater cognitive awareness and function of the brain unifying it and mapping memory while living in the present not putting the identity back in the cortex past state is then possible to achieve. Souls recording mechanism is the codex set like gears ticking through space time paradoxically non linearly and it is only in the cortexes that the navigating entity is placed to observe linear time. Any one who’s been through missing time while in a highly creative state where sometimes the clocks actually change has time traveled. Pathways out of the cortex illusory reality and turning down the volume is facilitated by focus exercises such as BME Merkaba where there is a stilling and quieting out of the sensory world of the small I through the mid brain that increases in speed that exit with practice and the codex key access granted key giver the Holy Spirit is engaged through the cerebellum allowing a greater richer hyperspace navigating experience. A small note: what is part of the aging mechanism is the slowed state of mitochondrial energy delivery during cortex reviews of the past that an entity stays in too long that results in the slowed efficiency state of the cells that becomes aging. Over reviewing the past as the small I existence also therefore leads to a death and a light review. Entities who ascend do not do this they are using a faster brain processing wiring that is unified that is ever replenishing of mitochondrial correct out put and other key necessities which allow for the transmutation of the flesh without death. Children are mapping the cortexes without neurosis unless they are under extreme stress the adult staying pushed there from stress is not the same thing and requires education about what it is as consciousness and how to get out of it through tools of consciousness. In addition to reading the practice of QMTtools is necessary to achieve the best results in the awakening of the god force within that is beyond limitation of the small I identity.


Small Molecule Neurotransmitter Substances

Acetylcholine Ach
Dopamine DA
Norepinephrine NE
Serotonin 5HT

Amino Acids

Gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA

Neuroactive Peptides

Bradykin, Beta-enporphin, Bombesin
Calcitonin, Cholecystokinin
Enkephalin ,Dynorphin
Insulin, Gastrin
Substance P, Neurotensin
Glucagon, Secretin
Somatostatin, Motilin
Vasopressin, Oxytocin
Prolactin, Thyrotropin
Angiotensin II, Sleep peptides
Galanin, Neuropeptide Y
Thyrotropin-releasing hormone
Hormone, Growth hormone
releasing hormone
luteinizing hormone
vasoactive intestinal peptide

Soluble Gasses

Nitric Oxide (N0)
Carbon Monoxide

Where the mid brain is the place of processing non local presence the cerebellum is the place of soul’s codex navigation of reality as opened by the keys given through the Quantum Mind Tech tools. Important to remember; if the reticular formation that wraps around the mid brain is ‘glowed’ like UV Christmas ‘lights’ strung together in this lattice work formation then the ‘nodding off’ during Merkaba focus is reduced and the ‘magical charge’ is experienced. Look at a picture of the brain for details.

An important mechanism of the visual grab of space time by the observer as related to the brain and nervous system is that the spinal cord which has the ascending tracts carrying the somato sensory information and the thalamus, containing special nuclei, relays sensory information from ascending sensory data moving up the brain stem and distributing that information to higher brain areas. During the grab of space time by the observer taught in some of the techniques there is a compression of the Q field that occurs during the focus which also involves the subtle sensory wiring described above. It is a higher sensory ability that evolves in all BME advanced clients over time. This is the biological mechanism that facilitates the technique. The pathway for the energy through the brain is up through the pons, mid brain and frontal lobe focus then to the cerebellum as it is the structure behind the mid brain.

During sleep time the out of body experience there is the shadowy world that is the mirror matter world where the observer has the shadowy impressions of his dreams, sometimes faster flashes of light create the dream world in bright vivid detail that is recorded strongly upon wakening in the memory centers. Dreams in higher states of consciousness then visible light are more difficult to record as the observer requires the knowledge to map correctly in the cortexes what he is experiencing in the dream. Upon returning to the body there is a passage from the shadowy world or even light if one ‘drops’ quickly into the body that is a fast anti-matter presence then the observer awakens into the ‘matter’ body. A important note is that the amount of inertia a being holds identifying or being the body results in how much heavy pull there is in leaving the body; for example the running in the water feeling of gravity and anchoring to the physical. Auric field momentum of movement like a jet engine accelerating and to overcome the weight of the plane as it prepares for lift off is how the being moves not only in Merkaba embodied but in out of body at night. So in the experience of out of body the greater ones are when the soul is calibrated in a higher state of consciousness in the day. Night is then more exciting and if you are engaging in lovemaking before going to sleep use of the Heavenly Lovemaking tool aligns the mind with the intent of all activities done in higher consciousness and makes Cocooning amazing.

The cerebellum area is the most concentrated consciousness processing part of our brain. It is the true receiver of all frequencies in the deepest states of consciousness. It is literally where our Divine Intelligence is wired to all that is. This area is able to processes all frequencies including ultra violet to the zero point field. For me this area of the brain is where the doorway to abstract communication and information takes place. I have experienced instant ‘download’ like a complete holograph that provides in rich detail information I requested in a deep state of consciousness in a split second. An hour of information like a movie stream can be processed in a second; that is how fast this area can be used to know. Imagine moving from a binary computer which is similar to the processing capability of the cortexes to a quantum computing device which is hundreds of times faster at processing information or thought. That is the power of the cerebellum. In addition there are neurons in the cerebellum that are responsible for motor function. See PHOTOGRAPHIC ATLAS OF THE BODY book.

If you examine the neural composition of the different areas of the brain then you will get a visual understanding of the varying densities of each area of the brain. Gamma bursts that light up the whole brain occur here when there is great inspiration while the rest of the brain is anesthetized by trance and there are large amounts of information as 'visions given to the entity firing this way. Usually the eyes look glazed and as if looking at a very bright light yet deep in trance. It is a neural firing choice of high codex active entities and may be developed through the study of rotational holographic models. This firing is directly related to mitochondrial output also which has to be very malleable to climb sharply in output of energy to facilitate this process. BME is a pioneer in the energy sciences of the mitochondrial activity of the cell in relation to the firing of the brain run by consciousness. 'Starry eyed' people are described in our language and have this neural firing ability. Gamma bursts light up bright smiles and some do not realize the power of gamma to cause disease which is evident in shyness in the eyes as smiling; may put out the vision as ailments. In fact the burning of shame is the cause of spontaneous combustion in gamma bursting sequences that is the direct antithesis of ascension which requires intense gamma burst sequences in the brain. Shame is linked to the ancient scarab and red solar disk of death 'bug under the rug.' The red eyes of lust are the first initiation to pass out of that in procreation for it is genetically inherited from dying in each generation and the Pharaohs knew this reincarnating it was taught so. If that teaching was lost then the shame of sexuality was inherited in the next successive generations erroneously and still contributes to is firing gamma sequences of erring passions for diseases how else are they formed? So the God spark is gamma activity in the neurons that is a powerful moment that enlightens creating healthy flesh or diseases the body through the shame mechanism for the guardian at the gate of transmuting fear is that choice.

CAMERA EYE: We have a natural ability in order to capture a photo with a wink like eye response that is processed by the cerebellum for a light review like data spool of information. This allows the collection of very fast processed info of a whole room with people in it in order to allow for a light review like moment that then is slowed into the mid brain as intuitive impressions that then are mapped in the cortexes. Natural to all humanity is this ability that is very fast occurring and easy to miss.

Soul uses the cerebellum a lot and what the cortexes fail to remember sometimes the soul (which is the old wizardly being that has all the experiences of all the lifetimes and knows how to use the autonomic system with both the motor nerves and the processing areas to download directives). The essence expresses to the degree that the wiring and information system of the whole body is connected correctly. As the connections of the nervous system and brain are improved in efficacy and properly hooked up to the organs through the elimination of subluxations in the spine and other ailments in the organs the energetic flow from the brain to the spinal cord with calibrated light magnetic impulses carrying the hormonal elixir to the organs in a coherent manner. Once the mind continues to evolve the health of the cellular structures improves more of the energy of the soul is experienced as authentic and gives more keys to opening the tones of movement through space time as divine creation. A male soul incarnated firing a female cerebellum may exhibit emasculated essence. A female soul firing a male cerebellum may exhibit a feminized essence; often the case in homosexual people and some in hetero who chose that expression for that lifetime. If there are any hormonal irregularities then there may be a link to this phenomenon chosen to be experienced by the incarnating soul.

Music expresses the heart’s desire to express mood. Mood is the tone of the soul being and launching into creating when the being begins to sing. Geometries of light, sound and mathematical calibration that positions the being in space time according to the greatest mind one attains at the time of being. A note about Merkaba there is a focused result that we desire in the coordinate that we set through the Navigation System Quantum Mind Tech tool. Overriding inertia each day from a lack of consistency with Merkaba to make repair the QMTtool ‘mind’ effective and causes the being to live a peak and valley existence. Quantum Mind Tech tools are there to be utilized daily so that greater accomplishments are to be had in is less effective than using all the tools the frequency you achieve in Merkaba. Remember that subluxed spine is the cause of nonsensical, incoherent firing sequences in the cerebellum area that are either present from in an injured so subluxed spine or from another ailment. Correcting these greatly enhances all Quantum Mind Tech tools. ‘Weird dreams’ that make no sense are also likely caused by an ailing spine or body.

If there is any inertia in the Merkaba than there is science as practitioners, when we process consciousness from the different areas of the brain and in different frequencies, we are actually unfolding different levels of mind. This is important to understand as information coming to us from the corresponding frequency can be received by the matching level of mind. For example a practitioner will not be able to perceive the Blue Matrix if he/she is unable to achieve a level of mind that can receive that information. The frequency itself carries information. It is this information that the brain is able to receive and decode. Our brain is like a giant decoding mechanism that our spirit uses and our soul unlocks at various levels of enlightenment to receive the new information package.

One important addition is the cognitive function of perception. Each person has their own soul expression according to the level of mind achieved during the current lifetime and wisdom gained from the culmination of learning from previous lifetimes. What occurs is the filtering process of each person and the speed at which the observer according to frequency calibration (described above) of his brain affects the picture that forms about reality including people. No one can ever know you completely; the closest would be a soul mate incarnating in every single incarnation with you from the beginning and the likely hood of that is highly improbable. Self love is the only love that never betrays because the Divine intelligence that is living on the physical plane is placed there upon incarnating to create. One that creates from a similitude of mind will likely attract another because in order to create from a similar vibration of soul code expression the other being is likely in harmony with the same conceptual platform. Relationships of this nature are usually what sustain a harmonious reality in work, family and other areas that involve interacting with beings.

Codex language from ancient times:
Cortexes are like the ziggurat formations of the ancient times where there are tunnels and passageways to find and battles to be won and guardians at the gate that allow passage ways to deeper places of still ness dark yet a light the wick turning on to a higher dimensional awareness. The thalamus is a wick going on as the area of great transfer of information that is almost the hub of the cosmopolitan reticular formation where the relay of the transmissions for movement of consciousness is processed and the flow of the consciousness is streamlined. It is an area of the mid brain that is heavily linked to the pituitary activity that is the light of the wick turning on and as the reticular is the ‘city lights’ of a higher order of God; the quantum field carried as the evolving program that is the accomplished beings mapping of neuronal growth feeding the brain the body’s state also as a whole organism serving the consciousness.

NOTE: Envision a flying saucer; you see then it is the mid brain that is necessary immediately to envision it. Why? A cortex based science is the jalopy. A car is the perfect design that is easily mappable in the cortexes very easily mappable if you take the engine components broken down. A flying saucer higher technology spacecraft is not easily mappable in the cortexes with simultaneous understanding of its technology. Geniuses are simply entities able to live longer moments processing through the mid brain and cerebellum area and therefore are in abstract rotation of spatial dimensions necessary to comprehend the technologies of superior multi dimensional creations of physics that are a paradox to map in the brain the only suggested mapping is success points of a symbol or mathematical equation which launches the scientist into the hyper space multi dimensional understanding of his or her design; that is mathematics role.

Cerebellum is dense forests of neurons of such fruitfulness lands upon lands of conquered tests and engagements of unlimited terrain that are potentials to initiate the student; the divinely intelligent by the initiation for the physical plain clad large cortex carrying being to wear countless mappings of that are malleably erasable and re programmable from the endless lands of neurons the true trees of the cerebellum where the garden of good an evil and the conquering of the great divide the corpus coliseum and the hemispheres of the cortexes are the small ‘I’ educated into hyperspace prowess of the lighter of the wick of the spiritual initiate that is its own student tin t e end sampling an array of potentials chosen that satisfy the soul to grant codex keys to realities and perceived dimensions into the infinite potential of man woman into master into the Christ being or angelic presence mentioned through historical texts. In unlocking the brain’s structure the hieroglyphs of the ancient past are decoded for the paradox is that brain dug out through the nostril and taken out of the mummy by Egyptians so mysteriously was the walls they scribed and carved. It is there they placed the lands the seas the skies the flight language depicted there so the offerings of the goddess in some of the pictorials is procession of the glandular sequences of the body as the table or banquet of the Gods and that is to be studied (Some in Armana among others) to understand that as found within the temple of the Holy Spirit as the brain fired by consciousness is the grand architecture of the forger of the inner fire that in the end is cool and lights the wick so we understand the sacredness of sexual union and passion; the fire that is then prompting us onward not to another husband or wife lost in strife seeking lost in the fire only but to light the cold fire in the brain that could also bring the same in another effortlessly when the fire is let go that is the irony of loving the self more as God; wake it up and it will give you what you gave up on a much higher level of experience. So then the child will know what the parents know finally and there is the lands growing like baobabs and weeds are annihilated by such huge roots. Study the pictures for the beginning of our civilization decoded holds the key to the New World Order that begins within and shimmers all the quantum realities of the magical adept Gods blessing Earth awakened forever. From the authentic memory of early beginnings in Egypt; Aryana’s; the ziggurat cities were the brain.

NOTE: A secure being would not hide from itself important information at the back of the cortex es into those furls. For those are the items that may be used to sabotage the self. If someone screams at you where do you map how you really feel about them if you are fighting stress in that moment? That is all weaker brain wiring that may not be easy to access the information from that type of wiring maintaining denial and lack of answers to problem solving. Deep seated troubles are perhaps deeply etched into those brain furls where the being hid them.

Now can you turn your head without moving it on the neck, can your spirit move to become aware of the other side of the room? Now I will show you why that is difficult your soul works that brain at light speed so now do the command again and turn your head to get up walk across the floor pick up your shoes and put them on. See the difference? That is varying light speeds of the higher light spectrum that your soul is used to running your brain at jumping all over the cortexes mid brain and cerebellum which is on all the time regulating your life support systems. Like the athlete it is possible to use the higher brain centers and to see the illusion of the cortex reviewed as memory, slower reality of the five senses and far less fluid motor cortex and to stay in the hyperspace navigating quantum field creating reality where magical inspiration is moved to greater heights of creation.


ON MEMORY: We map things in the cortexes to find the information that we learn like in school. An event that is life changing or is inspiration to create of a powerful concept fires the whole brain whole cortexes also are bathed in the information 'lit up' gamma fires in the cerebellum then it lights up the entire brain with ascending brain waves of lucid creation. That is why memory is retrievable through remembering the point of inspiration which is mapped as reflective memory in mirror neuron awareness in the whole cortexes for it created the body in that state also; spine biological organism mitochondria delivery and metabolism setting was all created to sing that harmonics that the point of firing created. Now in sleep some in theta and delta move into lucid REM after the brain is cleansed of activity that allows for less distraction to repair the body and gamma firing is also possible for dreams to happen and sometimes there is a tug to go there to take the whole body and teleport it the heaviness of dreaming puling oneself out of bed. That is the body formed from memory becoming empowered as living memory of the holographic experience as flesh so the living memory is retrieved in activity; moving the body and engaging a task that was lost from brain injury for example. So the pre bright lucid dream of tugging at the body to get up or walk in sleep is the living proof of the memory that has become the biological matrix of neurons creating the quantum state. It is all there as a lower level harmonic to hit the note of to move into the correct contemplation to find the correct activity or motion getting up to play the inspiration mapped through the whole neurology including the reticular formation. That is the secret of retrieving lost memories from mirror neurons up into light levels ascending. Codex our codex is this way protected from lost forever in case of accidents: our codex is rigged to deliver the memory if you remember the way it functions and that is worthy of study of the great divine self. Stay inspired learning you need that inspiration to remember even uninjured later in life what you have learning by clear recall. The hippocampus and amygdala play a role in memory of scent and higher emotion triggering stimuli in the environment. They are brain structures that help to navigate the local space time and to remember important experiences to the codex.

Neural pathways: once you navigate to a place where you are firing in gamma that then are lighting up the entire brain which archives the memory of it the once this builds neural pathways that make it easier to then when using the cortexes jump off the concept mapped as a word or phrase that is then re routed to the mid brain and even to the cerebellum procesor much faster than before as this process is in high use in higher conceptual design and other creation. The reticular formation gradually changes in order to faciliate faster moves throught the brain out of the slow over identified little I reality to genius which also raises the IQ.

Headaches are caused by this: fatigue that warms the body the temperature rises with fatigue a little slightly enough that if for example an entity is at work and must fire high focus which is cooling; gamma bursts of creative thought or inspiration fires colder the cold fire (which is why auric photos show plasma streaming off an entity in focus that is caused by the cold firing of high brain wave activity of focus) the contrasting temperatures that are very fast occurring and not really measured in our current technology except for brain wave scans that show blues and greens; the cooler hues that are recording this phenomenon actually in some causing headaches doe to the temperature flux in tired people at focus that is not working as well as it should be in rested individuals under less stress. Blood pressure rises this is a heating mechanism (boiling point is the expression) yet with some vascular constriction of the heart from the paradoxically climbing blood pressure that is the paradox of the headache as well and why it occurs. STRESS PHENOMENON CAUSES DISEASE THIS WAY IT IS INTERNAL INJURY OCCURRING IN ALL PARTS OF THE BODY DEPENDING ON THE AILMENT FROM STRESS BECAUSE OF THE COUNTER OPPOSING FORCES OF HEATING THE BODY AND SIMULTANEOUS BLOOD CONSTRICTION THAT CAUSES TINY MICROSCOPIC RUPTURES IN THE BIOLOGICAL MATRIX LEADING TO DISEASE. The practice of the BME Merkaba has proven to heal many diseases caused by stress with a reorganizing of the biological matrix according to the practice of that Quantum Mind Tech tool; The healthy firing of the brain and nervous system relays new information about the state of the whole body as well and that is enacted very powerfully to literally provide miraculous healing as I have witnessed and many practitioners who practice BME have witnessed in their private practice with clients giving both BME energetic healing sessions and or providing instruction in the practice of the BME Merkaba and other QMTtools.


NOTE: Negative space the anti body is delta brain wave pattern so trance work is important to finding the mirror neuron information. See the article Energy Science of the Energy field to review the science there.

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