We are all looking to grow through joy, peace and love and release struggle and pain. We are all looking to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. Yet over time, many of us habitually over identify with negative and limiting thought patterns. This programming can cause inner confusion and chaos. We may forget in this loop of negative programming that we are infinite beings and forever connected to a super-conscious, extremely intelligent, and all powerful source of love, creativity and abundance.

Understanding Affirmations

The good news is that all this negative and limited programming can be released with affirmations. But you must first be willing to do some inner work with daily affirmations. Affirmations are energetically born and developed over time inside of us. I have found that working with daily affirmation programs such as Energetic Reprogramming can be very empowering in reprogramming yourself and ushering in profound changes in your thinking, thus your life.

Affirmations become living energy when practiced with conviction and feeling, with a sense of your connection to your innermost self. Each affirmation carries within it the seed of a completely new consciousness. Even saying it one time brings to you a seed of new consciousness. “~ Orin

When using affirmations know that…

• You have power to make these positive, affirmative statements become your reality.
• The quality, vibration and the overall energy of the words and feelings in your affirmations have a powerful effect on its manifestation in your life.
• The Universe responds to you by generating circumstances and experiences that match the quality and vibration (energy) of the words in your affirmation.
• Repeating them mindlessly over and over will not work as effectively as really feeling the statement.
• Using affirmations in the morning is a powerful way to determine the energy of your day. Instead of starting your day by jumping out of bed, rushing into the shower, and hustling out the door, allow 10-15 minutes for joy-filled and life-enhancing statements of intention.

Supercharging Affirmations

Riddham offers a simple monthly affirmation program called Energetic Reprogramming that can help you transform your limited thinking at a deep cellular level. It can assist you in commanding your Good with the energy that is YOU! Check it out and consider whether the program is right for you.

Until then consider these methods for energizing your affirmations so they manifest faster:

• Say your affirmation out loud with confidence while looking in the mirror. Repeat a few times. Feel as if you are announcing it to the entire universe.
• Really FEEL the words in your affirmation each time you say it. Let the words of your affirmation vibrate deeply within you. Feel a sense of aliveness as you repeat them.
• Randomly repeat the affirmation throughout the day with feeling. Repeat while walking, cooking, showering, and driving as this will imprint your subconscious mind at many different levels.
• Read the affirmation silently and then close your eyes and breathe in the energy /essence of the affirmation. Aligning with your breath while mentally repeating the affirmation will increase the speed of integration at mind, body and spirit level.
• Write your affirmation with red ink at least three times every day. Writing the affirmation will program your affirmation in a deep cellular level. Red ink invokes the importance and urgency of its manifestation to the Universe.

Author's Bio: 

Yamini Bhatt is on a mission to effectively shift the consciousness of our world. As a profoundly successful, internationally recognized, transformational teacher and healer, Yamini integrates several powerful, carefully selected and individually tailored healing modalities for both groups and individuals. Yamini founded Riddham (defined as Opulence) Online Spiritual Center to serve those who seek to overcome their fears and limitations and releasing struggles and to find the truths from within for a profound shift in consciousness. Yamini is an Ordained Minister, Certified in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), a Spiritual Restructuring Teacher, Yoga and Meditation teacher and a Certified Prosperity Guide. She has served on the Board of Directors and as President for the Spiritual Response Association (SRA).