Nothing ever stays the same. Our lives are in a constant state of flux. There are little changes, big changes, changes that we initiate, and unexpected changes that happen to us. One thing is for sure… change is inevitable. Changes – both big and small – lead us into to unknown territory and sometimes strip us of our sense of control. For some people the idea of moving into the unknown and losing control is terrifying. Others seem to welcome change and embrace the ever-changing current of life.

Does the thought of change make you feel like a deer in the headlights, frozen with fear and unable to move? Are you a creature of habit? Do you feel stuck in your routine? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are like many people who shudder at the thought of making changes. Unfortunately, trying to avoid change is as futile as trying to stop the change of seasons. Change is a natural part of life and with a little guidance you can join the ranks of people who handle changes with grace and ease.

The way you handle change depends in large part upon your interpretation of the change. In other words, change does not cause fear… it is how you think about the change that can produce feelings of fear and dread. For example, two people are laid off from a company and they each have very different responses to this change. One person perceives this as a devastating blow that will cause financial hardship and feels angry and fearful. The other decides that this is the perfect opportunity to switch careers and feels free and happy. They each experience the same event, but their thoughts about the lay off determine their feelings.

Have you ever had a situation that at the time you thought was terrible, only later to decide that it was one of the best things that ever happened to you? Many people have experienced this at some point. I know that I sure have. When I was young, I loved playing basketball. It was a passion and I could play for hours on end. Unfortunately, I had a debilitating knee injury that required many surgeries and left me with an unstable knee and chronic pain. At first, I was devastated because my basketball days were over. However, it was this chronic pain that led me to some very deep personal growth and helped me discover the power of the mind-body connection and the affect attitude can have on our health. I now recognize that my knee injury was a blessing. That experience has helped me roll with change and always look for the good.

If your first reaction to a change is negative, try suspending judgment so that you can broaden your perspective. Remember that you are in control of your thoughts and attitude about this change. This will give you the chance to look for the good and/or the seeds of opportunity that are inherent in every situation. Sometimes these seeds are hard to find, but they are always there. Being open to finding them will help you deal with unexpected change. The key to embracing change is to have faith that something good will come from your experience. It is important to have this perspective even in the midst of change.

Start with the little changes and practice seeing the change from your new perspective. Look for the silver lining or an opportunity to learn a lesson. It is easier to do this when the stakes are not as high so keep working at it and practicing. Over time, your practice and patience will pay off and you will begin to see change as a natural and wonderful part of life. Rather than dreading change you will begin to see change as a sign that things are going to get better – that your life will be enriched and you will gain something positive.

Learning to handle the unexpected changes in life helps you build confidence and feel more centered and grounded. It is then easier to make other life changes too. When you recognize that you need to make a change, you will feel more confident in your ability to make the change – knowing that you will be able to handle the situation no matter what the outcome. As a master at the art of handling change, you become like a willow tree – firmly rooted in the ground yet flexible enough to bend with the wind. You become a person who embraces change and celebrates all of life’s experiences.

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