From the outside, someone can look whole, but that doesn’t mean that they are actually whole on the inside. This is not to say that they will be missing certain organs; it means that they might not be an integrated human being.

If another person was to get to know them, they may soon realise that this is the case. They could describe them as someone who is overly intellectual or even ‘spiritual’, with it appearing as though they are not connected to their body or the earth.

Two Experiences

Coming across as overly intellectual could be seen as being very different to coming across as ‘spiritual’, and there will be differences, but there will be a lot of similarities. For example, the former will be out of touch with their instincts and deeper feelings, while the latter will also be the same.

It might not seem as though this is the case for the latter though, as they could wear a mask of positivity and always seem to be happy. Both of them will be top-heavy, generally having very little connection with the lower part of their body.

Different Interests

The person who is overly intellectual might spend a fair amount of time reading books and reflecting on life. Facts and logic will typically be what matters; if ever do connect to their feelings, they probably won’t take much notice of them.

As for the person who is ‘spiritual’, they could also read and spend a fair amount of time imagining what it would be like for there to be peace on earth, for instance. The emotions they are able to connect to will typically define their life, with them having very little time for rational thought.

Another Area

The former may spend a lot of time by themselves, preferring objects over people. When it comes to the relationships that they do have they might not be very deep, due to them not having a strong connection with their emotions.

When it comes to the latter, they may prefer to spend time with others or around animals and being in nature, and they can be very sensitive to both positive and negative energy. But, as they don’t have a strong connection with themselves, their relationships are likely to be shallow and lack depth.

An Important Point

To be clear here, in this context the term ‘spiritual’ is used to describe someone who doesn’t have a strong connection with themselves. Thus, what is not being described is someone who spiritual and does have a strong connection with themselves.

There is a big difference between what is going on for one person and what is going on for another. One is playing a role and the other is actually in touch with their true nature and is embodied.

Their Experience

Anyway, regardless of whether someone is overly intellectual, and seems like they are dead from the neck down, or is what could be described as ‘spiritual’, and seems almost ethereal, or is even a blend of the two types, they are not going to be connected to a big part of themselves. If they were to think about how long they have been this way for, they could find that they have been this way for as long as they can remember.

As a result of this, they could believe that they were simply born in this way. This will then be what they are like and there is not going to be anything that they can do about what is going on.

Going Deeper

However, although this may appear to be so, it doesn’t mean that one was actually born this way and, even if they were, it doesn’t mean that what they experienced during their time in their mother’s womb didn’t have an impact. If what may or may not have happened whilst they were in their mother’s womb is put to one side, there is the chance that their early years were not very nurturing.

There could have been neglect and/or abuse, or they may have been traumatised in another way. Perhaps there was trauma in the family, illness, their mother died, or one may have even been given up for adoption, with this being the reason why they didn’t receive the care that they needed.

Too Much To Handle

Whatever it was that they went through whilst they were a baby, it would have been something that was overwhelming and prevented them from developing in the right way. Losing touch with their body, and living on the surface of themselves as time went by, would have been the only option that was available.

This would have been something that just happened to ensure their survival; they wouldn’t have needed to do anything. Fortunately so, as if this hadn’t taken place, they probably wouldn’t be alive right now.

What Was Adaptive Is Now Maladaptive

Now that they are an adult and what took place is over, experiencing life in this way is going to greatly diminish their quality of life. Not having a strong connection to their body will make it hard for them to know what their needs are and how they feel.

This will make it hard for them to know what they want and to form deep connections with others. Acting as an individual, standing their ground and having the energy/motivation that they need to achieve things could also be a problem, with this being a consequence of them not being in touch with their fight instinct/aggression; the part of them that will be found below their hips.


Getting in touch with their lower body and becoming an integrated human being is not going to happen overnight. Part of their body will be frozen and armoured, which is why this is not a time when one will just be changing their thoughts and behaviour.

This will be a time when they will need to work on their body and gradually to let go of the defences that have been in place for many years. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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