Hypnosis is a powerful medical tool. Mayo Clinic devotes an area to the use of hypnosis. The primary reason is that it works. Of course, placebos also work. This is probably the reason that the hypnosis is so effective in many areas of medicine. Just like the placebo, the belief of a healing enters the mind and when it's strong enough, the healing occurs.

Originally, hypnosis was primarily for the treatment of pain. Often birthing centers offered the option of hypnosis to the soon-to-be mother to relieve the pain of the contractions. Eventually, the use for hypnosis expanded and now doctors use it to treat high blood pressure, asthma, skin conditions and migraines. Hypnosis also is now part of some more advanced dental clinics.

The brain controls many of the functions of the body at an autonomic level. The heart continues to beat without us thinking about it. The pupils increase in diameter, digestion continues, just as perspiration does. However, the conscious mind also plays a function in these types of brain activities. Sexual arousal is autonomic but the conscious mind controls what people think is sexy. You can hold your breath or increase respiration even though the autonomic nervous system takes over when we don't think about it.

New experiments with hypnosis include using the deep subconscious of our minds to help control these autonomic responses. The deep relaxation created by hypnosis and increased focus gives the hypnotized person more ability to tap into the controls. Some researchers believe that it can even give the hypnotized person the ability to control graying hair and other functions of maturing.

Medical doctors and specialist all understand what a powerful healing tool the mind is. They also understand that the body has all the necessary tools to heal itself. Sometimes, it needs building materials and sometimes it simply doesn't hear the call to action. The use of hypnosis could be an effective tool to tap into the subconscious, ask what is necessary for the healing and then abide by the answer.

Many cancer treatment centers now use guided imagery to help patients overcome their cancer. Therapists often enhance the use of guided imagery for cancer therapy by including hypnosis. It reaches the mind at a deeper level.

Hypnosis is also a very powerful tool for those that wish to relax. Stress and stress induced illnesses kill thousands of Americans each year. Just like meditation, hypnosis is one method of achieving relation levels to aid in the healing process.

The use of a post hypnotic suggestion, such as you'll want food that is good for you or you won't want to smoke, has long been part of the hypnotic package. More than ever before, people now use hypnosis not only to eliminate bad habits that are obvious, they help reprogram the body to learn new ways of responding to stimuli. Panic attacks, anxiety and depression all come from programmed attacks. The use of hypnosis is a way to shortcut the years of therapy in a few sessions.

Aside from the increased benefits to your health, hypnosis is also a boon to those seeking to increase their psychic abilities. These abilities are quite normal and available for all to use if you can access the centers of the brain. The use of hypnosis may be one shortcut method to access that area and increase it's strength.

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