When someone exercises, they are likely feel better, and this can be how they feel for a little while afterwards. There are going to be a number of reasons as to why this is, but one of the things that will have had an effect is all of the energy that was released.

This is not the nutritional energy that was used while they exercised, it relates to the emotional energy that was burnt off. Letting go of the emotional energy that had built-up within them would have had a liberating effect.

A Big Impact

Therefore, although one probably wouldn’t have been able to see this energy before they exercised, it wouldn’t have stopped them from feeling different after it had been released from within them. Their body will feel lighter, which will have an effect on what is going on in their mind.

This is then the opposite of what usually takes place when it comes to self-development, where the focus is on the mind. Instead of changing what is going on up top to influence what is going on down below, one will have done the complete opposite.

A Clear Out

At the same time, even though one might feel better it that doesn’t mean that they are completely aware of what has taken place. During this process, one may have let go of anger, anxiety, frustration and rage, among other emotions.

Due to this, the energy within them will begin to flow and this is why they will feel alive. This could be how they usually feel, or they could find that they rarely feel this way.

The Norm

So, if this is how they usually feel, it could show that they have recently been through a stressful situation. As a result of this, it caused their body to feel heavy and stuck.

Yet, as this is something that rarely takes place, there will be no need for them to become addicted to exercise. If they did have the tendency to feel flat and heavy, this might not be the case.

Another Factor

What is also likely to play a part in why they are not used to feeling weighed down is how they deal with their emotions in their day-to-day life. Through generally being aware of how they feel and taking action, it will stop them from having to sit on how they feel.

If they had proclivity to ignore how they felt, these feelings would start to build-up within them. Their body would then gradually seize up in the process and they would start to lose motivation.

A Powerful Emotion

One is then likely to have a healthy relationship with their anger, meaning that they won’t see it as something that is ‘bad’. Experiencing this emotion will allow them to feel alive, but repressing it will have the opposite effect.

Thus, the fact that they feel comfortable with this emotion is going to play a big part in why they are not accustomed to feeling as though they are dead on the inside. There is then going to be how one behaves when they experience anger.


When someone experience anger, it is usually because they have been compromised in some way. With that in mind, one could get angry if another person crossed their boundaries.

This will be a time when they stand their ground and let the other person know that their behaviour is not acceptable. Through doing this, they will be able to express themselves and this will enable them to experience a sense of control.

Taking Action

In a situation like this, one is going to do something about what has taken place, as opposed to simply tolerating someone else’s bad behaviour. What this is also going to show is that one values themselves.

Additionally, they will feel as though it is safe enough for them to assert themselves on this planet. If they didn’t feel as though it was safe for them to do so, their life would be very different.

Another Scenario

When it comes to the people who don’t listen to their anger and sit on how they feel, they can be used to feeling flat and even depressed. Someone like this is rarely going to feel as though they are alive.

If another person violates them in some way or if they are not happy about an area of their life, they might not do anything. One is going to be a human being, but it is as though they are more like a punch bag or a door mat.

Pushing Back

What they need to do is to assert themselves and to no longer tolerate anything that has a negative effect on them. Ignoring their anger is going to be what feels safe; the trouble with this is what it is causing them to suffer.

There is likely to have been a time in their life when it wasn’t safe for them to assert themselves. This would then have set them up to disconnect from the part of them that is there to protect them.

A Deeper Look

Perhaps it wasn’t safe for them to stand their ground when they were growing up, with this being a time when they were abused and/or neglected. If they had tried to protect themselves, it might have caused them to experience even more pain.

Their early years would have been a time when they had to disconnect from their survival instinct and being treated badly would have gradually felt comfortable. The years will have passed but what took all those years ago will still be defining their life.


If one can relate to this, and they want to feel comfortable enough to assert themselves, it might be a good idea for them to reach out for external support. This can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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