Department of Excuse, Complaint and Withhold

Here is sure-fire tips on how to rid the Dept of Excuse, Complaint and Withholds!

Excuse Dept.

If you catch yourself doing any one or more of the forgoing excuses, just
elect to turn one of them upside down by either writing a corrective affirmation
or just be aware when you do, do it then tell yourself to Stop iT! or Cancel iT! or EX-iT from your consciousness.
Here is complimentary excerpt from Dr.Dwayne Dwyer’s book entitled “Excuses Be Gone”.

The first sample and corrective affirmation for starters: “Change is too difficult.”
Corrective: It’s all happening perfectly, whatever happens I accept with ease and I am able to handle it!

Other no-goods are listed as:
It’s too risky to do by myself, It’s going to take a long time
Too much family drama, I don’t deserve it, It’s not my nature to do…
I can’t afford it, No one will help me, It’s never happen before…
I’m not strong enough, I’m not smart enough, The Rules will not let me…
I’m tired,I don’t have the energy, personal history
I’m too busy, I’m scared/afraid, Too big, Too overwhelming, Too old/or not old enough.

Complaint Dept. 24 HR Challenge…

Here’s a fun challenge to try…if you choose to do it you can not give up or stop until you complete the 24 hour challenge . The Challenge is Do Not complain, condemn or criticize for 24 hrs. Make that commitment not to complain for 24 hours. If you do complain , you must start over for another 24-hour period until you’ve done it the full duration of time. IF you find yourself “moaning” about this task right now, you may need to do this!

Withhold Dept. Forgiveness

Your ideas about “Not getting any” or “Not having anything to offer” are signs of withholds causing lack or scarcity thinking. Recognize one or two withholds this week and start giving what “you think” someone else is holding against you. Simply BE a Giver, BE the Cause, not the effect (victim) of situations or someone outside of your “little-self.” Whatever you resist/or withhold in the mind, it will persist(it will own you)until you dump it--Be free of it and give it away or forgive yourself and move on….

Author's Bio: 

John-Robert (JR) Coleman is a Hawai‘i based teacher,free-lance writer self-published poet/author of his work entitled, “Pearl Drop of Aloha.”( As an artistic entrepreneur, John-Robert has recently pioneered and now implements a newly formed inspirational, educational card-product entitled, “The Heart Cards: Your Self-Guided Companion to Inner Wisdom and Empowered Relationships.”
Currently John-Robert manages Heart Card Productions LLC. ( and consults by partnering with affiliate- kindred non-profit agencies and private business to enhance their awareness and fund-raising objectives. He holds a BA in Social Sciences and MPA, Masters in Public Administration in Organizational Development with the California State University, East Bay. He is a member of Toastmasters International and is available for speaking engagements and personal consultations in affirmation development for change.