“Make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand him.” Alcoholics Anonymous

“. . . if God is one, the one God is wherever we are because God is not divided into a lot of fragments. All of God, like the principle of mathematics, is present wherever we are. Each can say: “There is only one God and that is my God; all that God is; is my God. Some of that God is in me or I would not exist. Since God is not divided, as much of God as I recognize I can experience.” Ernest Holmes, The Spiritual Universe and You

As I align my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions with the One Heart; I know that all is well. I know that “like waves eternally lapping at the shore; the Universe is eternally knocking at my door, with abundance and riches beyond the mental equivalent of my imagination. I know that when I let go and allow God to handle all the hows, my faith brings me peace. Today, I see myself aligning with the One Heart, the One Mind, the One Soul and as I align with this Oneness of God within that Faith brings peace into my life which I emanate out into my surroundings. I know that when I look out with heart through the miracle eyes of God I see and feel the complete peace that is the goodness and light I carry with me always. Today, like a bright star in the evening sky I focus on that peace within me, I feel that power and presence of God within me and I allow that bright light to shine. Wherever there is darkness or separation I visualize this white light beaming through me and out into the world. I choose to hold the consciousness of peace, prosperity and abundance in my life and in the lives of everyone I meet. I give thanks for all that has occurred in my life to allow my faith to emerge and grow. I give thanks for knowing these Truths for myself and for the entire planet. I give thanks for knowing each person is God manifesting in perfect form. For I know what is feared individually can be dissolved collectively by allowing the faith of God to emanate out. I take a quiet deep breath and let a peaceful feeling fill my body and mind. I imagine each person doing this throughout their day allowing this faith and peaceful feeling to easily combine into a single force of light and love that is always within shining out and healing the planet one person, one relationship at a time. I see each person going through their day with the assurance that the light of the faith, love and peace of God within brings goodness to all those around us. Today, I visualize everyone blessing everyone they meet with no expectation of anything in return, emanating that radiant light of unconditional love. For I know that the only change that ever happens starts from within, that is a powerful connection. Surrender, let go and let God.

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