This is an article on crystal healing intended to give a brief introduction to using crystals.

Crystals are wonderful stones to work with for self healing and healing others physically, emotionally and spiritually. They give off gentle, natural healing energies.

Every crystal through it's unique structure has the ability to hold energy, different types of crystals have different abilities for healing, restoring balance, warding off psychic attacks, boost the immune system,neutralise negativity, detoxifying the body, clearing negative blocks, promote creativity, helping the digestive system and many many more.

How to use crystals
There are many ways to use them, here are some ideas:
Carry them with you
Many people like to carry crystals in their purse, pocket, put under your pillow, on a keyring,or wear them as jewellery.

Placing in a room
Crystals when obtained as chunks, in their raw state can be a beautiful addition to a room as well as giving off all the wonderful energies it contains. You can put one in a room to meditate, to alleviate a situation, to clean a room of negativity etc.

Crystals can be placed on or near specific parts of the body to bring healing to that area, or used in Chakra Healing.

A pendulum can be used to enable the user to connect with their intuition and assist with finding answers and help with decision making. They can be used to clear a room of negativity and used during a healing session to balance and align the chakras.

Some Commonly Used Crystals and Their Properties
Amethyst- often used for pendulum work, healing ailments such as headaches, nervous tension, promote self healing and reduce physical pain. An excellent stone for meditation, it is linked to spiritual awareness and intuition. It is often worn for protection from psychic attack.
Rose Quartz-this is the stone of unconditional love and forgiveness it helps release stored anger and resentment and can assist the user to learn self love and accept love from others, it promotes tolerance and acceptance. It is also very useful to aid restful sleep.
Hematite- this is a wonderful grounding stone that dissolves negativity and promotes calm. It is used to energise the blood system, boost the immune system and generally strengthen the body.
Tiger's Eye – often linked to the solar plexus chakra, this is used to boost self confidence and one's own power, it can help with emotional balancing, restore energy levels and bring prosperity and good luck and aid the digestive system.
Turquoise- often called the “Master Healing Stone” as it is used to help speed the healing process. It is also used for relieving stress and tension and protecting against environmental pollutants
Lapis Lazuli -often used to enhance psychic and intuitive awareness, strengthen the mind, promote creativity, encourage relaxation and release irritability and frustration.

Cleaning Crystals
Crystals do absorb negative and environmental energies so it is important to keep them clean, especially if regularly using them for healing work, or if they are new to you
This can be done by;
placing them in water, fresh rain water is good to use
using the rays of the sun or moon.
smudging using sage.
Reiki can also be used to clean crystals.

Enjoy and experiment using crystals, they have such a wonderful healing energy that is available to us all.

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I am a Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation tutor and Holistic Therapist. I enjoy working with energies to promote health and well being.