In a number of countries around the world there are media channels that are often seen as being purveyors of the truth, while there are other media channels that are often seen as being peddlers of lies. Consequently someone can pay attention to certain sources and believe that they are being exposed to the truth.

So, unlike the people who pay attention to other sources, they will be an informed human being. These people could be seen as ignorant human beings, and they may even be labelled in some way.

A Big Difference

One is then not going to allow their mind to be clouded by ignorance and the sources that they look towards will challenge any prejudices they may have. On the other hand, they will believe that the other sources play into people’s fears and biases.

Therefore, one will believe that they are receiving information that is superior, and they may even see themselves as being morally superior. Due to this, it might be hard for them to interact with people who don’t consume the same sources as they do.


If one does label these people as having some kind of phobia and/or uses words that end with ‘ist’ to describe them, they might not even seen them as their fellow human beings. Through dehumanizing them, they could see them as being less-than human.

They might not see someone like this as a sinner, but they may believe that they need to be reformed. It may seem as though someone like this needs to be sent on a sensitivity training course, for example.

The Reliable Sources

When it comes to the media channels that they pay attention to, it can all depend on where in the world they are based. If they are in the United Kingdom, for instance, they might typically read the paper that rhymes with ricardian and watch the channel the starts off with the second letter of the alphabet.

These two sources will keep them informed about what is actually going on. The former will also provide them with well-thought-out ‘opinion’ pieces and, as the latter is funded by the tax payer, its sole purpose will be to serve people.

An Analogy

One way of looking at the difference between the ‘liberal media’ and the ‘gutter press’ would be to say that this dynamic is a bit like the difference between president Obama and president Trump. Obama is a decent human being, who did the right thing, while Trump isn’t and is not doing the right thing.

Interestingly, just as is often the case with the liberal media, Obama also represented the left when he was in power; whereas the gutter press usually represents the right, with this being the side that Trump represents. It could then be said that the left side of the political spectrum is good, whilst the right side is bad.

One Big Facade

Another way of looking at these two media channels would be to say that while it is easy to see that the gutter press has certain biases, it is a lot harder to see that the liberal media also does. And, because of how well the liberal media has promoted itself over the years, it has meant that it has been able to deceive a lot of people.

The president Obama/Trump analogy is relevant once again as even though one of them is typically seen as being good and the other is seen as bad; it is not this black and white. One of the big differences between these two people is that one came across well and the other doesn’t.

Looking Beyond the Facade

Yet, if someone only paid attention to how president Obama came across, they may have believed that he was all good. Similarly, if someone only pays attention to how president Trump comes across, it can be normal for them to believe that he is all bad.

When it comes to the liberal press it is like Obama, inasmuch as it often comes across very well. The gutter press is a bit like trump, on the other hand, as it typically comes across as unrefined and uncivilised.

The Power of Conditioning

If someone was brought up in the United Kingdom, they may believe that the organisation that starts off with the second letter of the alphabet is the bastian of truth. This source will be seen as having one purpose – to keep them informed.

From the moment they were born, then, it will have been drummed into their head that this source was on their side. Thanks to this, there will be no reason for them to question what this source comes out with.

The Ideal Scenario

Naturally, it is going to be a lot easier to control someone if they are not aware of what is taking place. This approach is similar to putting poison in a tasty cake; it will be easy to get someone to eat it.

Ultimately, the last thing that any of these media organisations want is for someone to be able to think critically and to question what they are told. The misplaced trust that they have in these originations will make them easy targets.


The gutter press, like president Trump, typically reveal what they stand for; yet the liberal media, like president Obama, are generally more deceitful. Both of these sources decide what the public become aware of, and, as a result of this, they define how they see the world.

When someone pays attention to the media, and regardless of whether they are aware of it or not, this source will literally be programming their reality. It won’t be possible for them to realise this if they see themselves as merely observers of their reality, though, yet this will be nothing more than an illusion.

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