Due to the fact that a number of countries in Middle East have been disrupted by the establishment, it has meant that a lot of people have been displaced. Before this happened, people were told that these countries were basically a threat to their survival, which meant that something needed to be done about them.

When it came to Iraq, for instance, people were told that they had weapons of mass destruction, and this, of course, turned out to be one big lie. In reality, the people behind the scenes just needed a pretext to get Saddam out of the way so that they could steal the countries resources, amongst other things.

The Same Old Story

Therefore, the reason that they give to people as to why something needs to be done about a certain country has absolutely nothing to do with the real reason. So, regardless of whether they said that a country had WMDs, used chemical weapons or supported terrorism, these were just distractions.

Let’s face it, the countries that actually support terrorism are not in the Middle East; they are actually in the west. These people at the top in these countries create the impression that the ‘bad guys’ are over there, hiding the fact that they are the ones who are terrorising the world and their own people.

Hit and Run

After all, it is a lot easier to control people when they are in a state of fear; their priority will be to be safe and not to question what is actually going on. And, once a politician has decided to invade a country (or been told to) and this country ends up in a complete mess, it won’t have much of an effect on their life.

No matter how long they are in power for, there will come a time when they will be able to walk away - free from the consequences of their actions. Yet, while they will be able to walk away and live just about anywhere they like, there will be millions of people who will have to face the consequences of their actions.

One Outcome

So, along with the fact that millions of people have died as a result of their country being invaded, there have been millions more who have needed somewhere else to live. One has to wonder if the people at the top actually thought about where all these people were going to live after their home had been destroyed.

It has been said that destroying parts of Middle East was only one part of the equation; the other part was to gradually destroy Europe. The first part would take place by using bombs, whereas the second part would take place by flooding Europe with people from completely different cultures.

Heart Over Head

It is unclear as to how many people have already come into Europe from these countries, but what is clear is that there are still millions more who need somewhere to live. Fortunately for these people, so many people in the west have been conditioned to believe that open borders are a good idea.

For a lot of people, this is seen as the moral thing to do, and the view that someone would have if they are a compassionate human being. Thus, if someone doesn’t think that open borders are a good idea, they can be seen as immoral, heartless, and they might even been seen as xenophobic.

Black and White

Based on this outlook, there is going to be a view that is right and a view that is wrong; it will be as simple as that. An evolved human being will believe that open borders are a good idea, while a primitive human being wont.

If someone who believes that they are a good idea comes into contact with someone who doesn’t, there will be no reason for them to hear what this person has to say. To hear what they have to say could be seen as the equivalent of listening to someone who believes that one race is superior to another.

A Closer Look

However, while it would be easy to believe that this is something that is black and white, this wouldn’t take into account the real concerns that some people have about open borders. When someone accuses another person of being xenophobic for being against open borders, it is likely to show that they are now willing to put themselves in their shoes.

Instead, they are going to do what they can to silence them and, accusing them of being xenophobic will be one way to do this. Saying this can cause the other person to experience shame, and when someone experiences shame they can end up fearing that they will be ostracised.

Fear of Death

This person is then not going to be holding a gun to their head, but what they say may still cause this person to feel as their life is under threat. In order to make sure they are not isolated from the rest of society, they can end up censoring themselves.

What this shows is that although times have changed, someone can still respond to life in the same way as their ancestors did. Many, many years ago, being ostracised would have meant that someone would die – nowadays, this is no longer the case.

The Demonization of Discrimination

When someone doesn’t believe that open borders are a good idea, they could talk about how there are people in the world who are dangerous, for instance. Therefore, it would be crazy to simply allow someone into a country without finding out more about them.

If the wrong kinds of people were allowed in, it would end up undermining the country in a number of ways. This is then similar to how a sensible person wouldn’t just let anyone into their house or end up in a relationship with someone without finding if they are suitable for them.


If someone did let absolutely anyone into their house or ended up in a relationship with anyone, and did this because they felt sorry for them or wanted to prove how virtuous they were, there is a strong chance that they would end up being taken advantage of. Or, they could even end up being killed.

There are plenty of people in this world who allow their emotions to decide who they end up with, and these are often the ones who end up in abusive relationships. Helping people who have been displaced is important, and what is equally as important is to do to this without creating even more problems down the line.

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