I am asked a lot about connecting with Spirit Guides, so I thought I’d write an article about my own suggestions and experience of connecting with spirit guides.

We all have spirit guides, they are ethereal being of light that are assigned to us before we begin this lifetime, to help us through our experiences here. Spirit guides may be ascended masters, angels, spirit animals, mythical creature, ancestors, light beings, etc. You may have several guides at any one time, some will stay with you through your entire life, others will come and go depending on the situations you find yourself in. They are here to help and support you so connecting with them is a valuable and beautiful experience.

For me the easiest way to connect with my guides is through meditation-don’t worry if meditation isn’t quite your thing, this is a very basic form of meditation.

Firstly create sacred space– this could be anywhere that you feel comfortable and can relax and won’t be disturbed. Clean the space, use smudge sticks, incense, salt, any type of room cleansing that you wish and set your intention that this is now sacred space, free of all negative energies and influences.

Make yourself warm and comfortable– you can play some relaxing music, light incense, place crystals around you, dedicate a candle to the process, etc. Turn off any mobiles, sit or lie down and make sure you are warm.

Protect yourself- I always call on Archangel Michael to oversee any session and protect my energies and me, only allowing light beings to connect with me.

Let go– just let yourself relax and be calm, if niggling thoughts pop into your head just calm your mind, you can deal with anything later, just relax.

Set your intention– focus on what you want to do, these words can be a chant, a prayer or just a statement, make sure that you truly believe each word you say. The stronger your intention the better! I always put my hands in Gassho, the prayer position, for this part.

Ask to connect– ask your higher self to help you now connect with your guides and invite your guides to help you.

State your request- even if you don’t feel that anything is happening at this point, state what you would like help, advice, etc, about and invite your guides to share their wisdom and knowledge with you. The response may not be immediate, don’t worry, stay in a calm, relaxed state and just be for a little while.

Give thanks– always thank your guides for their help.

You may want to have paper and pen next to you and write down what you feel, notice after the session. Often we need to be aware after asking for help, the advice may come in the form of signs, coincidences, something on tv, a friend saying something, a chance meeting, etc. If you keep a journal, it can be a really useful way of documenting what has happened and you can see a pattern emerging.

The more you connect with your guides the easier it becomes, the stronger the signals and also you will notice your intuition becoming more prominent, gut feelings, hunches, etc. Trust that they are signs from your guides and follow them. Your guides will never lead you astray and if something doesn’t feel right chances are it isn’t.

Connecting with spirit guides is a beautiful and unique experience; they can offer you so much support, advice and help and they truly want to help you!

Author's Bio: 

I am a Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation tutor and Holistic Therapist. I enjoy working with energies to promote health and well being