Ramadan is the most sacred Islamic month, during which Muslims escalate their good deeds. With fasting, they maximize their efforts by performing extra prayers and offering charity to needy people. For them, it is the best time to embark on the sacred Umrah journey. No doubt, the Haram’s yard is always crowded with humans, performing tawaf and sai. But during Ramadan, the crowd is too large.

Why do Muslims Prefer Performing Umrah in Ramadan?

The sacredness of Ramadan is one of the major reasons of Muslims perform Umrah during this time. It is Sunnah in Islam and offers many benefits. The following are some of these perks:

  • It is mentioned in a Hadith that Umrah during this reverted month is equal to performing Umrah with the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W).
  • It is considered the best time to purify the mind and soul and strengthen one’s bond with Allah Almighty.
  • Umrah in Ramadan is one of the promising means of getting Allah’s love, bounty, and forgiveness.

Considering the hyping trend of Umrah, many travel agencies have introduced their specific Umrah packages to serve pilgrims. Muslims Holy Travel is one of the most eminent travel companies that is known for serving pilgrims for many years. A bulk of people choose it because of its exceptional Ramadan Umrah deals.

Which Facilities Ramadan Umrah Packages Offer?

Pilgrims who perform Umrah in Ramadan, usually seek the convenience and the best possible facilities. Undoubtedly, the whole procedure requires one’s immense effort. Circumambulating the Holy Kaaba with fasting is not an easy task. Therefore, one prefers choosing the package that covers almost all the needs and demands. The following facilities are usually offered in mostly Umrah packages, offered by different agencies:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Legal assistance
  • Support services
  • Time optimization

Let’s delve into each of the above-listed amenities in detail:


It is one of the vital needs of pilgrims during their Umrah stay. Being new to the Saudi state, they can face trouble in getting accommodation. Though countless hotels and restaurants are available in Saudi Arabia, it is hard for pilgrims to choose the right one for their comfortable stay. Umrah packages help travelers in this regard. They provide tourists with an endless list of options for their accommodation during their stay. Hence, by getting these packages Muslims can simplify their Umrah journey and get a cozy and comfortable place to stay.


Relocation is one of the major issues for pilgrims during their Umrah in Ramadan. They are unaware of the Saudi routes and traffic laws. Therefore, they need help in their commutation from some local and professional drivers. Umrah packages offer pilgrims the best transportation services. These packages provide top-quality vehicles, driven by expert drivers. Top-qulaity vehicles that are driven by expert drivers are provided. Moreover, these vehicles have enough space to accommodate a bulk of people at a time. Hence, Muslims can release their stress for transportation by opting for these Umrah packages.

Legal Assistance

The Saudi state has certain laws and regulations for pilgrims to perform Umrah. Being unaware of these legal requirements, tourists can face many problems during their journey. They need professional help in this regard to save their time and money. Umrah packages guarantee they get the best possible assistance in this regard. Professional agents are available to guide the pilgrims about their required documents and the whole Umrah procedure. Moreover, these agents also guide people regarding their visa proceedings and flight and ticket booking. Thus, getting these packages simplifies the pilgrim’s Umrah to a large extent.

Support Services

Pilgrims are liable to face troubles during their Umrah journey. They need professional help in this regard. An expert travel guide accompanies travelers during their journey to answer their queries and guide them regarding Umrah’s rituals. Moreover, the guide is also responsible for providing all the religious and historical information to the tourists. A team of travel operators is also available online to guide and instruct the pilgrims if they face any hardship. Thus, by getting these packages, one can get the 24/7 support services of the diligent staff of a travel agency.

Time Optimization

Umrah packages play a vital role in making a memorable Umrah journey for the pilgrims. They plan the whole journey meticulously and let the tourists visit different sites located in Saudi Arabia. They also pick the less crowded routes and streets to save travel time.


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