Common Sense is a lie.

A lie that has frustrated me for a long long time as it is the cause of most misunderstandings and hatreds in the world.

Why is Common Sense a lie?

Well let’s define it first:
Common Sense as defined from thee Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

• COMMON SENSE: Sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

The initial problem with this definition is the assumption of “Simple Perception”.

And where the disconnect lies is in the assumption “that perception is reality.”

Where in the real world, perception doesn’t exist.

As perception is just the way you process the world, but it is not the way it is.

This makes perception subjective.

For example, the old saying, “Hindsight is 20/20” is a perfect example of why Common Sense and Perception do not exist.

Because Common Sense is the application of techniques and actions based on a Subjective Perception which can be proven wrong by Reality or Hindsight.

The problem lies that “Common Sense” dictates that there is a right answer.

A right answer for whom?

Because my right answers are probably different than your right answer.

I want to do something faster by using machines.

But you don’t want to because you want to continue traditional techniques that machines can’t replicate.

Therefore my common sense answer is different than your common sense answer. Which is paradoxical as how can common sense have different answers.

The Myth: Common Sense is Natural.

The next issue with common sense beyond not existing is that it is assumed to be natural…
But it is not natural. You are not born with it and it doesn’t come to people naturally.

“Sense” which is not common is instead created by experiences. Experiences that you had yourself or learned from someone else.

This is where sense comes from.
So because “Sense” is learned and experienced, it cannot be assumed to be natural. As many people never have the same experiences. Let alone “perceive” them “the right way” so it becomes “Common Sense”.

SO what it means is:

Common Sense:

• Is NOT the “average” response.
• Is NOT ALWAYS the “right way or answer”.

Showing that Common Sense is fundamentally fallible because it assumes:
• All people have this “Common Sense”

• Because all people have the same experiences

• And they experience them the same way

• And these experiences cultivate into a correct and absolute answer to all situations

All of which are assumptions that are not based in reality because:

• Common Sense can’t exist in a world with Multiple Right Answers.

• Everyone can’t have the same exact experience

• And they can’t learn from that experience the same “Sense” as everyone else

• And there are no right answers. Only decisions that have results.

So the Real Question is how-do you untangle yourself from the ingrained false logic of “Common Sense” and “Perception is Reality”?

How to Untangle Yourself from your Perception and “Common Sense”.

1. First, you have to identify what your perception or belief is that you think is Common Sense.

a. For Example:
i. People believe that it’s “Common Sense” to drink caffeine to stay awake.
ii. But studies show that it is better to take a 30 minute power-nap than to power through with caffeine.
1. Web MD: Power of Power Napping

2. Next, find why you have this belief, how it could be wrong, and what is perpetuating it.

a. For Example:
i. People believe caffeine is the right answer because their peers or role models do it.
ii. People believe it works because it “Worked” for them.
1. Meaning you tried it yourself and you got the results you wanted
2. But what “Works” is subjective to the person
3. Meaning it may have not been the best way to do it

3. Then go out and get a second opinion from someone else that explains why your belief or Common Sense could be wrong.

a. Even though you may have this belief, you may not be easily able to see it and recognize its causes
i. Why do I want caffeine?
1. Am I addicted to it?
ii. Is it because it tastes good?
iii. Do I drink it out of habit?

b. So you need to go out and find someone who is looking at you from “Outside the Box.” who has an objective view of the situation
i. Because if you ask someone with the same belief, they will most likely tell you are crazy and that you are wrong about trying to change your belief.
ii. For Example:
1. You want to try Power Naps and want to kick caffeine
2. You ask someone who believes that caffeine works and says why change what works? (Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it Fallacy.)

4. Now evaluate your responses and your objective observer’s responses in #2 & 3 of this list with the assumption that everything you wrote down is true.

a. Argue for each point by creating supporting evidence that justify why your belief could be wrong and how your belief could be bases off something irrational such as:
i. Denials
ii. Opinions (Of Yourself and Others)
iii. Biases

b. For Example:
i. I am addicted.
1. It’s the ONLY THING that works.
2. My friends are doing it.

5. Once you feel like you’ve got it, redefine your Belief and Common Sense and brainstorm how to change your mind about how it just can’t be completely true or actually exist.

a. Here is the hardest part of the process, the moment where you accept that your belief or perception isn’t true to reality and that Common Sense can’t exist.

b. For Example:
i. I accept that the Common Sense of drinking caffeine to stay awake is not the only answer to this problem.
ii. I accept that is most likely a cause of my past experiences that caused me to believe that it is the only way to stay awake.
iii. I accept that my experiences alone create a “Sense” that is not all that Common.

Why you should do this?

Our perception of reality does not exist, but is the belief that it does. As all beliefs are ultimately opinions. Which is why they vary hugely from individual to individual.

So allowing our perception to be more adaptable. Becoming gradually more and more in line with ultimate reality is helpful and useful to making a better world. Because in the end, perception fizzles out, and we always dwell in reality, in knowledge, in certainty.

• Allowing us to critical think about how the world works and reduce misunderstandings based off of belief and opinions.

• Allowing us to be aware that our perception is merely our individual perception, and we can actively choose to view life's circumstances through the many differing perceptions

• Is helpful in being compassionate - accepting without judgment both myself and others as we/they currently are – as we live in a world of ever-changing perceptions may seem like our reality today, but will maybe be different tomorrow.

• Helping us be happier to go with it and step into the flow of life as we see life for what it is, and not for what it isn’t


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