After the last newsletter on Clearing negative influences that adversely affect your prosperity, several people have emailed me and asked how to clear negative voices. The origin of these voices may be that someone told them something disempowering, when they felt vulnerable and now these words keep on replaying in their minds and preventing them from pursuing their goals.

Sometimes people clearly remember incidents during which these negative voices became imprinted and sometimes the origin of these voices is unknown. The negative voices may sound as if they belong to someone else or as if the words are spoken by the person who is hearing them.

The negative voices may be statements or questions like: "Who are you kidding?" or "You can't do that" or "You'll fail" or "What if you fail?' or "You are not good enough" or "You'll never make it", "This will never work", and anything else along the similar lines.

Sometimes these negative voices are accompanied by images of possible disasters and anything that may go wrong, and they give rise to the feelings of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and taking no action seems like a safer, but not more satisfying choice. The issues that pop up may be fear of competition, jealousy, fear of rejection, natural disasters, or simply the possibility of bad luck.

Sometimes the origin of the negative voices may be unrealistic expectations, where a person may have attempted to do something once or twice, without even knowing how to do something properly, didn't get satisfactory results and then gave up concluding that if whatever it was didn't work instantly then there's no hope.

Here it may be appropriate to remember the Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

The techniques that follow are designed to help you to change those things that you can change.
You can change the way those negative voices sound, you can change what they are saying, or you can transcend them.

To change the way those negative voices sound, you can change the pitch of the voice and make it sound very high, or very low, or like a voice you may hear in a cartoon. You can change the speed in which those words are spoken, so that it may sound as if an audio tape played at high speed, or you can lower the speed and make the words spoken so slow that they are practically indiscernible. You can have some funny circus music playing in the background or you can have the words come out garbled or muffled. As you experiment with changing the voice, you should notice how its impact upon you changes. You can imagine that the voice is played on a tape deck and you can simply push the stop button to stop it. You can imagine the voice moving further and further away in the distance and disappearing or you can blow it up and imagine those disempowering words exploding.

If there are any threatening images that accompany those negative voices, you can do similar things with those images, as you did with the voice. You can imagine them shrinking, or you can imagine color draining out of them and if they were paintings; you can imagine rain falling upon the painting and all the colors melting and washing away until all that is left is a blank canvas. You can imagine the image blowing up or burning it in a fire.

If you are up to it, you can take a piece of paper, pour out your hear and write down those disempowering statements that are haunting you and then burn the paper. As you watch the paper burning, imagine all those disempowering statements burning up also. Even when the paper has burned you may remain beside the fire and imagine any residue of negative energies within you burning up. When you are done, you should have some sense of completition and of lightness.

If you remember a particular event, when you first experienced those negative voices, you can mentally transform that event and the imprint that it left upon you. You can replay the event in your mind, as if you've had the resources to handle it appropriately in a way that would've left you feeling empowered.

If you are spiritually inclined and you like to meditate, you may observe those negative voices with a sense of emotional detachment. The words have no power of their own. They have no meaning except whatever meaning you attach to them. You may notice that when you resist some ideas, they tend to become stronger, just the same as when you try to reinforce them. When you resist the idea, you are feeding it with your energy, just the same as if you wanted to reinforce it. If you remain emotional detached and stop feeding ideas with your energy, they will dissolve of their own accord. If you just witness your thoughts, without becoming emotionally entangled, they will have no power over you - they will just come and go, and eventually, they'll dissolve.

Another technique, similar to the one last one is to simply accept whatever thought or negative voice emerges in your mind. Again, if you just accept it and you don't fight it, the negative sting will ultimately dissolve. When you accept everything, you stop judging it as good or bad - you acknowledge that it just "is" or that the thought is meaningless in itself and your response to it may be "so what?" You don't identify with the negative voices so they don't have any effect on you.

Different techniques may be suitable for different people and the way you'll know that you have found one that is suitable for you is that you will feel a change within you, an inner transformation, more or less instantly.

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