Chakras are openings in the aura through which energies move through the body as well as in and out of the spiritual and physical being. These openings are found in the aura and not the physical body and are not visible to the naked eye. Despite that fact that we cannot see them, they do exist and play a central role in our overall wellness. They are the energy centers that govern all aspects of our existence, including everything from mental function to physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

Chakras are the center or energy transmission and are related to spiritual and physical properties. Each of the seven main chakras is connected to certain personality or character traits, in addition to physical responses, emotional activities, and mental functions.

Where are Chakras Located?

There are seven main chakras, all of which are located in the midline of the body. They run along the center of our being, hovering above the physical body in the aura that encases us. The aura is an energy cloud or shimmer that surrounds us and is the residual power that emanates from our spiritual and physical being.

There are seven chakras, starting with the root chakra, which is located at the center of your thighs and is the center or your instinct. Conversely, the crown chakra, which is found at the top of the head, is the center of your spiritual and mental being and is considered by most to be the tether to the spiritual world. The crown is the chakra through which the spirit enters the body at birth and leaves upon death.

The other five chakras – sacral, solar, heart, throat and brow – run between the root and the crown, along the midline of the body. They are located along the back of the head, neck and spine.

Imbalanced Chakras

When the chakras become imbalanced, there are serious consequences. Imbalance can result in physical and psychological illness, mental clarity issues, and emotional struggles. Each of the seven chakras controls certain mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being and has an impact on our overall state of wellness as well.

When chakras are unbalanced, you will need to take action to bring them back into alignment. There are exercises – most of which are mental and spiritual in nature – which can rebalance and cleanse the seven chakras. Cleansing can be done on your own or with the help of a skilled energy practitioner. No matter how you pursue cleansing, bringing the chakras back into balance is of the utmost importance to your overall wellbeing.

Cleansing Exercises for the Chakras

Most exercises for cleansing the seven chakras are mental and spiritual in nature. Even those that are physical have a mental or spiritual aspect. The crown, brow and aura require focused attention when cleansing, as these are the chakras most closely tied to the intellectual, spiritual and emotional processes of our being.

Bringing your entire aura back into balance is best achieved through meditation and other forms of relaxation techniques. The brow chakra is cleansed through lucid dreaming, remote viewing or visualization.
The crown chakras balance is resumed through prayer or meditation. Many individuals use mantras as well. Mental or visual imagery is also employed. The crown is of central importance in both spiritual and mental health. It is the connection between the physical and the spiritual worlds and is our central line to the energies of the universe.

All other chakras require attention as well, and addressing imbalances in the aura and in individual chakras can be achieved through physical, mental and spiritual activities. Yoga is a physical practice that also brings the spirit and the mind into play.

You may want to consider self hypnosis as a means of cleansing the seven chakras as well. There are mental imagery and visualization techniques that can be used with both meditation and self hypnosis that many find useful in rebalancing chakras and chakra cleansingthe aura.

Many people find mental and spiritual exercises more difficult than physical ones. With practice though, anyone can become a more skilled energy worker, capable of healing their own energies and possibly expanding to help others heal their own energies. Begin by learning how to harness the power of your own chakras and possibly learn how to guide others in chakra cleansing their chakras as well.

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