When it comes to chronic prostatitis, men must be afraid. It is a disease that will pose a severe threat to male health. Generally speaking, everyone's condition is different, disease performance is also very different. However, no matter what prostatitis men have, they must do well in the following treatment methods at ordinary times.

Male "painful secret," four treatment principles of chronic prostatitis:

1. Do an excellent job in anti-inflammatory treatment.

If patients want to treat prostatitis well, they should do an excellent anti-infection treatment. Generally speaking, patients can use drugs to achieve the therapeutic effect. Usually, the treatment course of anti-infection is about six to eight weeks. Even for non-bacterial prostatitis, anti-infection treatment should be done for four weeks. In addition, the use of herbal medicine is also a good choice for anti-inflammatory therapy. 

Herbal medicine treatment mainly focuses on clearing heat, promoting blood circulation, and removing blood stasis.
For example, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and can effectively eliminate inflammation and bacteria. It can effectively kill bacteria in the body. 

Under the action of guiding drugs, the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can penetrate the membrane of the prostate, and its effective concentration can reach the lesion directly. The pill removes the inflammation of the reproductive and urinary tract from the root, restores the prostate's normal function, and alleviates and eliminates the discomfort of reproductive and urinary organs. In addition, the anti-proliferation and anti-fibrosis effects of the pill can effectively stop the proliferation of residual lesions and recurrence.

2. Do an excellent job in general treatment

If it has been diagnosed as prostatitis, the patient should do an excellent job in general treatment. General treatment means that men should do an excellent job in life care at ordinary times, such as avoiding eating irritating and spicy food, adjusting their emotions, and actively facing the disease at usual times. 

At ordinary times, men should ensure that the stool is unblocked. Otherwise, it is easy to make the prostate have continuous congestion. Besides, men should also take appropriate physical exercise at ordinary times, increasing the body's disease resistance, which is also very helpful to the prostate. And do this care, prostatitis will get better faster.

3. Do an excellent job in adjuvant treatment.

In addition to anti-infective treatment, prostate patients should also carry out the local adjuvant treatment. Generally speaking, adjuvant therapy includes local physiotherapy, prostate massage, urethral pressure perfusion, and local prostate injection. 

Using a hat bath or complementary injection to alleviate the disease is unfavorable, likely to cause abnormal semen in men, thus affecting men's fertility problems. Therefore, men should avoid it and actively receive adjuvant treatment.

4. Daily care.

To treat chronic prostatitis, men should pay notice to daily nursing work to recover faster. During the treatment of chronic prostatitis, it is not necessary to abstain but to have a regular sex life, which is helpful for the recovery of the disease. 

In addition, in life, patients should drink more water and urinate more to reduce infection. In terms of diet, be light and don't eat spicy and stimulating food. Otherwise, it is easy to cause prostate congestion and aggravate the condition. In the process of treatment, don't sit for a long time. Take more exercise to accelerate blood circulation.

Through the above article, men now know what kind of treatment should be done after men have chronic prostatitis. After suffering from the disease, men must go to the hospital for examination and treatment at the first time to cure the condition as soon as possible and quickly restore the man's body to health.

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