Characteristics of the 3rd Chakra

Characteristics of the animal third chakra
As an extension of the reptilian / mammalian fight or flight reaction, the third chakra manifests the energies of control, manipulation, stubbornness, anger, hatred and violence. These can be directed outwardly or inwardly on energetic or physical levels. We can see various mixes of these manifest in the world as intolerance, warfare, social prejudice, manipulative business practices, control agendas in interpersonal relationships of various types, etc. Turned inward, these energies often produce obsessive / repressive emotional strategies, self-judgment, anger at oneself, resistance to change, and when repressed to the neurological, glandular, and cellular levels; disease.

Characteristics of the enlightened third chakra

As we let go of or reprogram the imprints of the third chakra, we tend to experience less anger, frustration, and desire to control others. Mastery of this chakra creates centeredness, the quiet confidence that comes with knowing who you are, your abilities, the effect of your actions, and the ethical limits of the expression of your power, i.e., Right Action. Spiritual will is a classic example of the manifestation of third chakra power in service to a higher goal. It takes a lot of will and commitment to stay on a path of self-inquiry and spiritual progression, especially in a culture which does not support this. Sometimes social and religious organizations may actually attempt to dissuade one from this process. Ridicule and the threat of judgment in some form are always the tools of those stuck between fear and manipulation. So, a certain amount of personal power is necessary to embark and remain on an authentic spiritual journey. More information at © 2008 Keith E. Hall & . All rights reserved.

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Rev. Keith Hall has taught Tai Chi, Qigong, Tantra, & body / mind modalities for 30 years & is a senior student of Prof. Yung-ko Chou, with permission to teach. He has studied at East West Schools across the world & with Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas, S. Saraswati & others. He practices Bioenergetics, Bagua, Tumo, Vipassana, Zen, Spiritual Bodywork, various Yogas, & other East West disciplines. He has published articles on Tantra & Taoist arts in numerous journals & is the Founder of Jade Garden Tantra, 10 Minutes to a Healthier You! Tantric QigongSM, PresencingSM for Emotional Freedom and Enlightenment, and