There will be a question repeatedly in your mind that why should we do yoga? While we have no mental and physical problems as well. When we do not have time and we are healthy then why do we need yoga? Today, we will do our best to remove your confusion from this article and you will understand the importance of yoga in life.
Yoga keeps our mind as well as our body healthy. Yoga is the experience of bliss as there is happiness on one side and sadness on the other side . When you first do yoga then it is understandable that what happens is happiness. The feeling of that joy is not in enjoyment, nor in love, nor any other transient pleasures.
Meditation is the most important part of Yoga. Through meditation, there is a confluence of body. In today's time, tension is rising very rapidly due to day-night races, pressure of work, distrust and distances in relationships are other reasons that blooms tension tree.

Let's understand the meaning of yoga first. Nobody is unaware of the name and effect of yoga in the world. Yoga is a media for keeping the world healthy in the times of urbanization. On January 21, the World Yoga Day is celebrated on its lines. Yoga is essential for everyone. Yoga is beyond philosophy and religion. Yoga is the contribution of India to the world. For this reason, the whole world considers India as a world guru and adopts Yoga.

Therefore, neither Yoga shouldn't be associated with any religion. Let's find out what are its benefits . Its regular practice not only removes all kinds of diseases but regular yoga also strengthens the body. After daily work in the morning after sitting in the open air regularly for 20-30 minute,s yoga makes the body beautiful and strong. Yoga gives peace to the mind, so that blood circulation is fine and the heart remains healthy.
The Importance and Benefits of Yoga in Life.
Make the body flexible and strong - in the gym, you can exercise only for a part of the body, whereas yoga is the exercise of whole body parts and glands. Because of which all of our organs perform their functions smoothly because yoga strengthens the organs of our body, which makes our body feel flexible and strong day by day.
Maintains freshness - With regular yoga, you feel close to nature by which you feel refreshed and full day. You will also be mentally restrained even by stress.
Keeping the mind calm - When the mind and brain are calm, the stress will also be removed. Regular yoga rugs and meditation relax the mind and the body remains balanced. With yoga, both parts of the brain work properly to improve internal communication. Regular yoga increases the balance in thinking ability and creativity. With this, intelligence is sharp and sharper, as well as the power of self-control also increases rapidly.
Increasing the disease-resistant potential - Yoga brings shine on the face. The body's ability to fight diseases from day to day increases. Stay healthy even in old age. The body becomes healthy, strong and fit. Due to stress, continuous practice of yoga is a good exercise for muscles. The reason is the stress is removed, blood pressure is balanced, sleep is good, hunger is also good and digestion is also correct. Stress gradually overflows with its regular practice.
Exhausted by pain and obesity, the body is flexible and the body gets strength. With its regular practice, the problems of back, waist, neck and joint pain will be removed. Yoga fixes the structure of the bad posture of your body so that the pain in the future can be avoided. Regular yoga burns calories of the body and reduces obesity so that the weight of the body is controlled.
Disease stays away, breathing pace comes in your control, which provides a lot of benefits in breathing related diseases such as asthma, allergy, pinocytosis, old nose, cold and cold etc. Pranayam is very beneficial in Yoga. Such asanas that hold the breath for some time. Which helps keep the heart, lungs and arteries healthy. Such asanas keep your heart fit. This increases the ability of the lungs to take oxygen, which gives body cells more oxygen. By which there is a positive effect on the body.
Correcting blood circulation - With the different types of yoga and pranayama, the effect of blood in the body is correct. Level of diabetes decreases with regular yoga. This reduces bad cholesterol, this is why Yoga is very important for diabetic patients. The right blood circulation is good for the body to convey oxygen and nutrients, making the skin and internal organs healthy.
Yoga and meditation are considered mandatory to make our body healthier by spiritual and scientific terms.

The practice of yoga makes our mind restraint. A lethargic person becomes more powerful and stronger than Yoga. Yoga teaches you discipline, Yoga prepares your mind, Yoga makes you active, Yoga protects you from the darkness. Yoga is for those who want to change their lives in truth, who want to understand the truth of this universe, those who want to be full of power and strength.

Yoga makes you healthy and beautiful. Whatever religion you are committed to, I will suggest you to make yoga as a part of your life, yoga will definitely help you. Now you decide for yourself why you want to do yoga and why not want to.
I will give you this advice, do regular yoga! Keep your body and mind healthy. Yoga gives you the realisation of your own endless energies and strengths.

There is no better option than meditation in such an environment. Meditation removes mental stress, and the mind feels intense spiritual peace, which increases the work force, sleeps well, the concentration of mind and belief increases in strength.

Two meanings of yoga are explained and both meanings are very important for life. The first meaning is - Joints and second meaning - Samadhi (meditation). As long as we do not connect our body to yoga, it is impossible to go to meditation.

Thank you and Have a nice day.

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21 June, Happy International Yoga Day