There is no doubt that strong leadership is essential for driving a team successfully. In a corporate set up, while everyone in a team has their roles specified; it is the role of a team leader or a manager to help them work in tandem and in unison. To achieve any goal, it is vital that each individual, each department should work in harmony with each other.

A manager should possess strong leadership skills to ensure maximum output from its team.

How do you attain such leadership skills?

There are various exercises and activities that make you realize your potential and help build team spirit. Activities for team building, especially targeted at enhancing effective leadership skills, go a long way in helping build a collaborative group of team members who are motivated and proficient.

As Spanish born, Roman philosopher, Seneca, rightly quoted, “To the person who does not know where he wants to go there is no favourable wind”. Having and sharing a vision among the whole team is very important to help each individual contribute towards the common goal. A chief leadership quality is to ensure that each team member feels a part of the vision.

Team building exercises that focus on improving leadership skills ensure that each participating member gets an equal opportunity and attention to participate, as every person has their own thoughts and creativity to offer, which may prove to be very helpful.

Another important aspect of such team building activities is to ensure that, throughout the various exercises, the company’s vision is a frequently emerging factor so that the team members understand it better and think of ways they can work towards it.

A company can fulfil its vision and meet its goals only when its employees are satisfied and motivated for working towards it. Leadership activities for team building, aim to utilize not just the intelligence and vocational qualities of a person, but also their imagination and creativity. Happy employees create a happy company, and then work does not seem like a chore.

The vision of a company is actually a guideline for its employees on what the company needs out of them. The company’s vision is achieved only by uniting the collective inputs of the whole organization. A strong leadership harnesses the ideas and inputs from the team members and uses it for the optimum benefit of the organization. Team building games boosts leadership skills that serve to fulfil the company’s goals and vision.

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Arun Rao is a corporate trainer in reputed company and who writes on numerous topics including Innovation Workshops, Induction Training, Corporate training & Team Building, to name a few.