We hear so much about calcium and how we need to take a calcium supplement. Many women loose a lot of calcium during pregnancy and when they get older. So many of these women take calcium supplements but still suffer from lack of calcium. Why could this be? Today we will explore sever reasons why you may not be absorbing enough calcium, or are not using the calcium you have.

The first reason your body may not be absorbing the calcium from your food and calcium supplement is lack of vitamin d and boron. Most milk has added vitamin D. Boron is a less talked about mineral, but in the mineral world it is known as the calcium helper. Some minerals need other minerals to be properly used in the body. Calcium needs boron.

Calcium also needs the mineral magnesium. Yes, with out enough magnesium, you cannot use the calcium you have in your body, so taking more calcium will not help you. Magnesium is a very important mineral in and of itself. Magnesium keeps the calcium in a liquid form that the body can use. With out enough magnesium, your calcium is being piles up where you do not need it. Calcium deposited on he bones can form bone spurs. To build strong bones, you need calcium and magnesium. In fact, you need twice as much magnesium as calcium. We learn this from the composition of the bones, where magnesium is in a ratio of 2 magnesium for every 1 calcium or 2:1.

Magnesium taste bitter, calcium is sweet & mild. Magnesium is used in over 300 enzymatic functions. One of its most important jobs is to keep calcium in liquid form so Calcium can do it's job.

Most of us know about calcium from many television commercials about milk, but we do not take into effect how we get the most calcium for our dollar. There are way too many calcium magnesium supplements that just will not help you at all. One of the most common calcium supplements is coral calcium, or calcium carbonate. This is one of the least absorbable forms of calcium. All though it is very cheap to buy, your body just doesn’t use it very well. In combining a calcium magnesium supplement, you need to have both minerals in a form that the body can absorb.

There are several ways of taking a mineral supplement.

Mineral Tablets

A tablet is the least effective mineral supplement. After all, where do minerals come from? They come from rocks. Some minerals are hard as rocks and when they get heat and pressure, they turn back into tiny rocks. Can your body digest a rock?

No! That is where plants com in. The plants can break up the rock into smaller, more useable forms for the human body to use. So while a tablet is not as hard as an aged rock, it is the least effective way to take a mineral. While you may get some benefit from a mineral tablet, those with poor digestion may see mineral tablets in the toilet. You body cannot keep them in the digestive tract long enough to be efficient. So mineral tablets are the least effective kind of a mineral supplement. They cost you money.

I once had a local sewer worker cuss me. He did not want another health food store in town selling mineral tablets. He said, “ they just get caught in the screen and increase my work load”. “I don’t sell tablets, only liquid minerals”, I told him.

Mineral Capsules

Capsules are better than tablets. They are usually full of a fine powder (that is why you chew your food) that has a lot more surface area for the stomach acid to work on. More surface area means better digestion of the mineral in the capsule. You only have so much time for a mineral supplement in the digestion process. You need to have the smallest, easiest to digest mineral as possible.
There are a few drawbacks to a capsule. Some people, such as children, have a hard time swallowing capsules. Not all capsules are 100% the mineral advertised on the outside of the bottle. Some Mineral powders are hard to get into the capsule and so other flow agents are added to make it easier to put them in the capsule. Most companies are honest about how much mineral is in the capsule, but some are not.

Liquid Minerals are best

A liquid calcium magnesium supplement is best. But then again, all liquid supplements are not created equal.

1.Do you take flavored minerals?
2.Do you take colored liquid minerals?
3.Does your liquid taste sweet and fruity?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may be taking liquid minerals that are really not benefiting you. In fact additives and preservatives make the body work harder to get the calcium it needs.
By the way, real minerals do not rot, spoil, need refrigeration or go bad. Colors, dyes and flavors take extra energy to be digested or separated from the mineral. All of that energy could have been spend digestion of quality food and minerals. All of these additives have to go through the digestive tract to be separated into nutrients and waste products.

Calcium is one of the most important minerals in muscle contractions. The heart is one big muscle. If you do not have enough calcium or calcium in the right state, you heart can stop. Log before that happens you will have tale tell sighs of lack of calcium or improper calcium assimilation. Symptoms include white spots on your teeth bone spurs, muscle cramps and many others..

Did you know that a migraine headache is your body telling you that you need water and magnesium? Don’t just take a pain pill and cover up the warning light. A headache is your body telling you to change what you are doing and get the nutrition you need.

Angstrom Liquid calcium magnesium supplement is Cell ready. No digestion required. It can be transported by the blood to every cell in the body in just minutes. Angstrom calcium magnesium can be absorbed under the tongue. It is on the atomic level so digestion is bypassed, solving poor assimilation problems of the tablet and the capsule. There are no added colors or flavors to burden the digestive system and slow down your absorption. Angstrom calcium magnesium mix is a special blend to balance the constipating attributes of calcium with magnesium, a laxative mineral.

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Jason Brunson is the owner of HealthShop101. Working in a vitamin and mineral packaging plant as a young man has helped him to realize the benefit of absorption and efficiency of absorption factors. HealthShop101 represents the nutritional supplements that he uses on his family so you know they have to be quality. He has spent the last 20 years gathering the nutritional supplements that make difference in his life and now they are available to you direct through HealthShop101. http://www.healthshop101.com