It has been just over a year now since the wake of Robin Williams's suicide resulted in a variety of questions and open forums for exploring & sharing information on the subjects of mental health & well-being, especially depression. I thought it a potent time to re-share the following information and provide additional support.

I am offering my recently completed, "The B-Natural Guide to Self-Care & Maintenance" now, as my gift to you, to support stronger well-being worldwide. Simply email me: with "Self Care Ahoy!" in the subject heading. The concise guide includes a range of tips for taking care of body, mind, and spirit, as well as beautiful photographs of Kaua'i to ease your stress. This guide has already been well-received & appreciated - ask for your copy today.

While I've not gathered statistics and my own perspective is admittedly skewed due to my own family & professional experience, I'd venture to say that there are few people in the world who have not been touched by both the pain caused by depression and the unfortunately ignorant stigma still associated with mental health issues.

Rather than add more stories to the plethora that currently illuminate the subject, I choose to offer a few basic tools as suggestions for maintaining a healthful balance in life. I am fully aware that clinical depression is no more akin to a sad mood than an insect bite is to a raging staph infection. I hope more people gain that insight via the discussions rising in frequency and gaining in depth at present.

I also know that healthy emotional balance is a slippery slope. So, please take in these five suggestions of methods to keep yourself balanced or bring yourself back into balance during those times when you slip, trip, or flip over the edge. Please share and add your own most effective tools. Thank you!

1. Maintain your sense of humor! If it'll be funny in 5 years, it can be funny now. Create your own comic strip out of your challenging day. Sing a bawdy song about it; choreograph an expressive dance; draw a cathartic picture. Get creative! Let it out - better out than in. Negative energy turned inward spells trouble every time.

2. Breathe! Back to basics. Call your own energy back to yourself through your breath. A depressive friend once told me that breathing comes naturally. Au contraire. When we're stressed, the first thing we do is hold or breaths, breathe more shallowly, raise our shoulders to hold tension and constrict our breath. Reverse that process by taking in a deep breath - inhale fully and exhale just as deeply. Repeat.

3. Music soothes the soul. Listen to your favorite tunes; sing them; refer to #1 and create your own. I often provide my private clients as well as FB friends a playlist. It's uplifting.

4. Smell something you enjoy, whether it is flowers, flower essences, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate - whatever. The olfactory sense is strong in mood shifting. Use it to your advantage.

5. Most importantly, learn to recognize that the negative feelings, often presenting themselves as inner hecklers creating doubts in our thoughts, are actually signposts that let us know something amazing, wonderful - BETTER - is on the way. We, though, hold the responsibility of shifting that fear - if it isn't love then it is fear, bottom line - into new-found freedom. Dive into the doubt until you get to the other side. You'll be glad you did.

Need professional help? GET IT. There is no shame in that, regardless of the deep ignorance regarding mental health and basic personal growth principles that many people still hold even in 2015. Don't put that ignorance in the driver's seat of your happiness!

Again, please email me as instructed above, to receive your gift copy of, "The B-Natural Guide to Self-Care & Maintenance," for additional tips as my gift and contribution to your balance.

In closing, my favorite Robin Williams quote: "I'm just a short, hairy white man." Well, ok! Do YOU! Do it up! He sure did. Rest in Power, Robin Williams, and thank you.

Miracles, blessings, and love to you,
Dr. Renee

T. Renee Richardson, DD
"The AmBadassador of Light!"

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