This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Depression. Depression is the condition of feeling sad or despondent, but can more specifically refers to a mental illness when it has reached a severity and duration to warrant a diagnosis. Julia Sorensen is the Official Guide to Depression.

Overcoming Loss: Activities and Stories to Help Transform Children's Grief and Loss, Julia Sorensen, is a valuable resource for people interested in Depression, and it is available through and Barnes & Noble.

Product Description
Overcoming Loss is a photocopiable resource that addresses children's' feeling of loss, which can arise from changing communities, schools, moving house, divorce or the death of a parent or grandparent. Children are limited to a vocabulary of broad emotions like 'happy', 'sad' and 'angry', and are often unable to articulate their grief in words. This can impair their long-term emotional development.

The activities in Overcoming Loss use the power of play and creative arts to give the grieving child the language to identify subtle feelings, such as shame, despair and jealousy. Designed to encourage social and emotional learning, these exercises employ play, art and story-telling to access the ways in which children naturally express their feelings, and offers opportunities for parents and professionals to direct the child towards understanding their emotions.

Parents, teachers, counselors and anyone working with children between the ages of 4 and 8 who are dealing with a loss will find this resource a practical and effective tool.

About the Author
Julia Sorensen is currently studying towards a Doctorate in Psychology, having attained a Master's Degree in Psychology with specialty training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is a registered professional counselor and certified therapist and works as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in private practice as well as with community based organizations, individuals and families. Julia lives in Canada.

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This book review is part of a series that covers the topic of Depression. The Official Guide to Depression is Julia Sorensen.

Julia is an integrative Cognitive Behavioral Therapist who will help you to look at your negative head chatter, your beliefs, and help you to transcend the negativity of painful feelings so that you can live your best life.

I help people just like you turn around the way they think about themselves, their lives, their love for life... Free resources at

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