Emotional Stress Management 2.0: 40 Tips For Taming Your Turbulent Emotions is the second book in the Stress Management 2.0 series. It includes powerful and effective emotional stress relief strategies that target intense, negative emotions. These techniques are great for coping with and releasing toxic emotions, regardless of the source they are generated from. Dealing proactively with negative emotions reduces overall stress levels and provides the space for new, positive emotions to be experienced and savored. Used with book one (Mental Stress Management 2.0: 40 Tips For De-Cluttering Your “Inner Closet”) and book three (Stress Management Blueprint 2.0: Design Your Own Stress Relief Plan), individuals are able to discover the most effective stress reducing techniques for them and tailor their stress relief plan to their individual needs and preferences. The 3 book series is an essential set of stress management resources for anyone and everyone….

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Book Description:

Emotional Stress Management 2.0: 40 Tips For Taming Your Turbulent Emotions by Stephanie Eissinger

“Tame Your Turbulent Emotions & Get Your Peace Back”

Intense negative emotions create stress. The emotions, themselves, are not the problem. Rather, it’s how the individuals interpret and reaction to their emotions and their circumstances that is the determining factor in the amount of stress they experience. The ability to cope in a healthy manner is dependent on the person’s response to uncomfortable emotions. Stress is generated from how they think and feel about events, their situation, and themselves.

The capacity to successfully manage and/or let go of negative emotions is a key factor in mitigating how stress impacts individuals emotionally, mentally, and physically. This second book in the Stress Management 2.0 series is an essential resource of 40 effective tips to relieve stress and increase emotional intelligence.
The strategies are a guide to:

- de-clutter “inner closet” space by releasing toxic emotions that have been held onto from the past.

- manage strong negative emotions when they emerge in the present, preventing them from taking up too much internal space.

- savor positive and joyful emotions, becoming more resilient to life’s ups and downs.
proactively generated positive emotions to replace your unpleasant ones.

Read cover to cover or skip directly to the strategies that target the emotions that are causing you the most distress. Life will continue to present you with challenges. The Stress Management 2.0 series provides you with powerful tools with which to face those challenges calmly and confidently. If you want to emotionally, mentally, and physically de-stress your life, then you’ll love this series.

“Buy this book now and take control of your emotional life!”

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Author's Bio: 

Stephanie Eissinger is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Embody Love Movement Facilitator, and Self Help Book Author who has dedicated her life to empowering individuals to overcome life’s challenges to live happier, healthier lives. Her self help books also include: Journey To Self Empowerment: Increase Self Esteem & Self Confidence; How To “Rock” Your Body Image: Improve Body Image & Self Confidence; Divorce Recovery: Cleaning Out Your “Inner Closet;” and How to Get an “Emotional Divorce.”