Ever feel like you are drowning in a sea of statements, overwhelmed by receipts and inundated with things to put in order, items to categorize and piles here, there and everywhere that just don’t seem to go away? Say no more and please enjoy the ride as we meander around your office, counter tops and hide-a-way spots where your collections of bills tend to linger and multiply before your very eyes.

Don’t worry if you are inundated with a massive amount of sorting out in your study, filing cabinet or desk drawer. As with everything else we will devise a plan of action and tread lightly through each step so that you have a solid plan of action. So here goes, why don’t you tackle your bills today?

~Collect all your current bills. Bills to pay, bills that you have paid and bills that have been hanging around aimlessly for quite some time now.

~Label three containers/bins/baskets/trays: one “paid” one “to pay” and one “to destroy.”

~Pick up each bill one-by-one and place them in their appropriate container. If the bill is paid it goes in the “paid” container. If the bill needs to be paid put it in the “to pay” container. If the bill is over a year old put it in the “to destroy” container.

~Take the bills that have been “paid” and sort them out into their specific categories: gas bill, electric bill, water bill, Visa bill, etc.

~Purchase an accordion file, manila folders or a filing cabinet to place “paid” bill receipts in. Label each file/folder with the bill receipt’s name and place the bill receipt in it’s appropriate file/folder. When a new bill has been paid, immediately file the bill receipt.

~Next take the bills to be “paid” and put them in order of their due date. Be sure to review this category on a frequent basis to avoid any late charges or missed payments. Pay any bills that have an impending due date either on-line or pop them in the mail.

~Last but not least, any bill receipts that are over a year old need to be destroyed and discarded.

Choosing one and only one specific area to address at a time is a wonderful way to get you into a position of control. Biting off more than you can handle in a single sitting will create an overwhelming sense and chances are you’ll quit before you even begin. So choose an opportune time for you to deal with this mission and before you even know it your bills will be in a rational, organized order and you’ll be ready for your next organizational event. So what are you waiting for?

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