Balanitis is an inflammation of the head of the penis (glans penis) in men, and causes redness, itching and rash as well as irritation and pain on or around the penis. According to one of the top urologist in Delhi, there might be an odorous discharge from the penis as well.

Causes and Symptoms of Balanitis

The best urologist in Delhi NCR, who works at a urology hospital in Delhi NCR, tells us that Balanitis is usually found in uncircumcised males i.e. whose foreskins have not been removed. Poor hygiene contributes to the development of balanitis, especially when the area under the foreskin is not washed regularly and bacteria, skin, and sweat accumulate.

Some underlying medical conditions can also increase the risk of balanitis, especially diabetes mellitus.

Allergies to certain chemicals can cause an allergic balanitis. This could be chemicals in soaps or other products in touch with the glans of the penis.

Certain infections (especially yeast infections) can cause balanitis. Reactive arthritis (formerly Reiter syndrome) is associated with inflammation around the head of the penis (circinate balanitis).

Although balanitis is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD), it can have similar symptoms, for example, itching and redness.

Can Balanitis be cured?

As the experts at the hospital in Gurgaon mentioned above (the urology hospital) explain, first, the underlying cause is determined and the treatment directed against the reason for the condition. If there is an infection, the appropriate antifungal medication can be used. If it is a hygiene issue, daily habits are changed. Young boys may require instruction on how to retract and clean their foreskin.

The optimal medications will depend on the underlying cause of the balanitis. For examples, topical antifungal cream if Candida infection is present, or an antibiotic if a cellulitis is suspected will be prescribed. In case of repeated situations (where balanitis recurs again and again), the doctor might suggest circumcision as a possible way to prevent further infections by eliminating the foreskin once and for all. The prognosis for balanitis is generally good.

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