It has only been relatively recently that attraction movies and visualization tools have been developed and are having a marked impact in the lives of many people. The general population however is not aware of what they are or how they function. Like any new technology there is often some reserve or reluctance to adopt it until it is more widely known and recognized by the people.

So what are attraction movies and visualization tools and what is it that they really do? Fundamentally they are like a very own private movie that is developed by the person for the person that incorporates images, audio and affirmations that are all brought together in one powerful attraction movie packet. Its just like creating and directing your very own movie that you have access to anytime, anywhere and in any state of mind or awareness.

These visualization tools and attraction movies are based on the universal laws of attraction and abundance. This law of attraction isn't new, however it has been heavily promoted on the back of the successful flick called 'The Secret'. The law of attraction operates quite plainly on the premise that whatever you are thinking or believing in your life is what you will attract in your life.

Just have a think about the people in your life who exhibit a general attitude in being unhappy or cheerful and how irrespective of the circumstances they more than often stay that way. They are in effect generating and attracting that vibration. They get what it is they expect. Whatever happens in their life they largely stay within that mentality. Apply any condition or attitude to this and you will come up with an energy that is behind that. It gets down in a really basic sense to what is believed to be possible in life.

Law of attraction movies and visualization tools are about creating and about the free infinite possibilities that prevail in this world for those that are receptive to those possibilities. These attraction movies and visualization tools present the opportunities to create and manifest exciting possibilities in life. Attraction movies are about setting goals and creating the accompanying images, thoughts and music to heighten the strength of those intentions.

Everything in life on some awareness level is done with a vision. Thought precedes action. Inspiration is the energy that is generated by an inner feeling and a vision. Place these things together into a powerful visualization tool like an attraction movie and you possess a total visualization package and experience.

Attraction movies, irrespective of what package you purchase, are simple to create. Install your own music, pictures and particular affirmations and put it all together into your personal attraction movie. A sound rule of thumb is to set them so the movie duration is between two to three minutes and played once or twice a day. Attraction movies are mighty visualization tools that will serve to elevate your vibration, your manifestation, and your expectations in life.

Importantly, these visualization tools can be applied to any part in your life. Whatever the intention or the desired condition, these attraction movie packages are a powerful and proven strategy that will bring results into your life. The law of attraction is working all about us each and every day of our lives. In reality our understanding and belief in it shows to us all precisely how we are using, or not using this natural energy within and about us all.

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Liam Virinovi is a regular contributor and writer in the fields of self development, human potential and health and well being.
The authors theme and approach is to encourage the reader to become aware of, and then go beyond current limitations of thought and beliefs, and to open to the Free Infinite Possibilities that abound to an open mind.

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