Are cheap psychic and tarot readings accurate? Some of the very expensive, established famous clairvoyants will tell you no, but it is possible to get a helpful, truthful, insightful consultation without spending the earth. In order to do that you must first do some homework. Start with yourself and ask yourself what it is that you want from your consultation.

Is it just fun, a pleasant way to spend an hour or so, is it just a change from the norm, a laugh or is it more? Is it about one particular thing which is bugging you and playing on your mind? If it is about something which is important to you such as a relationship, new job, deciding which career to follow, moving, financial decisions, then you need to look very seriously into who you trust to give you accurate and helpful information so that you do not only regret whatever you spent on it, but you avoid regretting listening to what they told you and acting upon it.

If you are just wanting a bit of fun, a bit of variety, then you may as well put names of the cheapest in a hat and pluck out one. It really does not matter how authentic they are, because you are not doing it for serious reasons. But if you want something which is helping you to improve your future you need to think about more than just an affordable price. You ought to be checking out how serious the clairvoyant psychic is about their work, how long they have been around helping people, what proof they have that they help people, what services they offer and more.

When you have done all of that you ought to have a short list and then select the one who seems to be the nicest, kindest, more on your wavelength and so on. Never consult anyone who does not have a proper website - anyone who is only on Facebook, Reddit, other peoples' sites, is not worth taking seriously, they may be here today and gone tomorrow anyway. Compare this to choosing a doctor, lawyer, accountant or builder. You would not just trust the very cheapest and you would check people out.

Choose someone who is busy and popular. You would not hire someone who is eager to help at any price i.e. willing to drop their prices, willing to let you go to their home in the middle of the night, willing to cancel their other plans to accommodate you today because they have no proper appointment schedule, no other clients and are scared to lose you if they do not. If they bend over backwards to fit you in quickly they are desperate for clients and not worth considering.

A young person might prefer to consult another young person, but they might prefer a more mature person because they believe they are more experienced and knowledgeable. This is not always the case. Never assume that a lady who is in her sixties has been doing psychic and tarot readings for a long time! I often get people who are in their 60s and 70s writing to me asking me for a job, they have never done a tarot or psychic reading in their life. In some cases the youngster has been doing it longer and takes it more seriously and does it better.

If you really are worried about cost and on a tight budget yet wanting help with a serious issue then I urge you to leave it altogether. It makes more sense for you to just wait and see how the future pans out, or get the advice of friends and family for free than to risk losing money you cannot afford to lose. It also makes more sense for you to save towards a good, accurate and reliable psychic and tarot reader than make do with a bad one simply because they are cheaper. One good consultation is worth a dozen or more iffy ones.

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Beth Shepherd offers 40 years of experience as a full time professional. She is tried, tested and trusted by experts, professionals, newspapers and magazines. She works as a psychic, relationship expert and therapist.