Alzheimer's is a medical condition that results in problems with memory, thinking ability and physical behavior and has adverse effects on daily life. Most people diagnosed with Alzheimer's are older than 65. The symptoms develop slowly and become worse over time. Alzheimer's deteriorates the mind and body slowly and results in an almost complete loss of memory and in most cases, death. The fight against Alzheimer's has increased in recent times. Medical research aimed at finding preventative medication is vast, and the hope of finding a cure is strong.

The Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative
The Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative is one such organization that aims at launching Alzheimer's prevention research from different existing therapies. Their aim is to find a preventative treatment in the shortest time possible. It was this goal that led to the founding of the Alzheimer's Registry. The Alzheimer's registry aims to have 250,000 members in a community. These people should be passionate about the fight against Alzheimer's disease. The members of the community may take part in treatment trials and research surveys that make a positive contribution towards the search for viable treatment.

The Members
The Alzheimer's registry members come from a diverse group of people. Most of these people have personal experiences with Alzheimer's. Their joint goal is to contribute to the ongoing research on Alzheimer's to stop the disease. The community will provide members with updates on the latest research advances and general information on mental health. One crucial aspect of the registry is to boost the enrollment into some Alzheimer's prevention studies in the country. The membership to the registry is open to individuals over 18 years of age. Most of the research and trials will target adults of 50 years and above. The process of enrolling as a member is easy and requires basic information on contact and demographic data. The questions asked revolve around the personal experiences people have with Alzheimer's.

Members will receive newsletters with the latest Alzheimer's news on research advances, prevention updates and clinical trials. Occasionally, members may fill in online surveys on Alzheimer's. The survey results are the basis for selection of participants for research opportunities, address research topics and shape the design of future trials. The Alzheimer's registry supports the evaluation of viable treatment options and also enrolls individuals into various prevention studies. These trials are for treatment therapies, medications, diet supplements, lifestyle changes, and the possible immunization therapies. The participation of the registry members gives researchers results that guide their research advances based on the effectiveness of the treatment.

All participation in research studies, surveys, and treatment trials is on a volunteer basis. Becoming a member does not require anyone to participate in a study or trial. Privacy terms and conditions protect the information provided by members. It will only be shared with member approval and used to give information on relevant Alzheimer's news and potential prevention studies. Become part of the registry community that is improving the research on Alzheimer's treatment. The Alzheimer's registry membership is a step towards the fight against Alzheimer's.

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Jessie Brannen is a caregiver for a family member with Alzheimer's. She has been researching the illness and she enjoys sharing her findings on health blogs. See the Assisted Living Today's eldercare locator for more information.