Dementia and Alzheimer's disease cause a significant impact on the patient’s life, making it miserable. Memory loss and problems with carrying out routine tasks occur when kids and grandchildren are unable to cater to the medical requirements of elderly citizens. That’s why people, especially the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease, get medical assistance from assisted living centers in Pune.

The staff at assisted living provide the senior citizens with the care and assistance they need. This includes medical help, hygiene, and regular care.

The question is:

Are Assisted Living Facilities as Safe as they Claim?
Sadly, many citizens suffering from dementia and other mental health illnesses do not get the care they need. Many patients are simply neglected, while others suffer from preventable accidents and abuse from the staff. Many treatment centers guarantee that the patient will receive the best care from supervisors, staff, and medical experts. However, most of these facilities fail to deliver what they claim. Since patients with dementia can hardly speak up or defend themselves; they are often neglected.

As dementia progresses, it turns into a dangerous condition that might alter the patient’s ability to perform even the simplest tasks. If these patients are not given the proper medical treatment and care, chances are they will never lead a healthy and happy life. That’s why most families hire nursing agencies that offer home-based care to the patient.

Benefits of Assisted Living Facility

Many assisted living facilities, especially the rehab centers in Pune, offer the best care to dementia patients. These centers offer 24-hour assistance to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, memory loss, and other health problems. The facilities also implement robust security measures to ensure that the patient stays in a safe and enclosed environment.

In addition to the regular hygienic and mobility assistance, patients get specialized care in the form of therapies. Here are a few benefits of the assisted living facilities for dementia patients.

● 24-hour care and assistance
● Mobility assistance
● Hygiene assistance and personal care
● Balanced and healthy meals
● Laundry and housekeeping
● Toiletry and incontinence care
● Transportation help to get patient to the medical facility when needed
● Therapies to improve patients’ cognitive skills and restore memory

The patient gets care and support from professional staff that specializes in providing effective medical care to patients suffering from dementia. You must research the dementia care facility, conduct an in-person meeting with the staff, and talk to the healthcare specialists to get a better idea of what care plans do they have in place for dementia patients.

When do the Elder Citizens Need Assisted Living Center?

Dementia progresses slowly. While it doesn’t kill the patient immediately, it worsens the patient’s quality of life. Gradually, the disease will progress and the symptoms will get worse. The patient won’t remember anything or be able to walk on their own. They need specialized care, preferably in a safe and enclosed environment, where they are watched 24 hours. Fortunately, many dementia treatment center in Pune offer a special care to patients with memory and mental health diseases.

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